WHOOPS! Palin Condemns Herself and Her History at Fox

Jake Tapper of CNN interviewed Sarah Palin following the announced departure of Bill O’Reilly as a result of new allegations of sexual harassment.  Mr. Tapper questioned Palin directly about whether she was harassed while at Fox.  Palin has a long history of wearing provocative clothing,
Image result for sarah palin black skirt
Image result for sarah palin black skirt
having sexual encounters with people other than her husband,
and highlighting the excitement of her male supporters in her Facebook postings.
palin erection 108
She said she’d never put up with any sort of harassment. When Tapper asked if that’s why she left, she said, “You can ask them why I’m no longer with Fox. You know, I’m not – I’m not going to speak for them. My contract wasn’t renewed, that’s the line.”
Palin has tried to create the impression that (1) she was sexually harassed while at Fox, (2) that she left Fox because she wouldn’t put up with the harassment, and (3) that she should be the role model for other women.
The reality is quite different.

Fox news originally signed Palin in 2010.

At least as early as October of 2011 Roger Ailes told the world that he hired Palin  “because she was hot and got ratings.”  Palin’s reaction was not to speak out about the offensive remarks.  She remained in the hostile environment just to collect a pay check.

In November of 2011 more people at Fox illustrated just how hostile her environment was.

Yet Sarah remained and collected a pay check for as long as Fox would have her.

In June of 2015 when Fox announced that they would NOT be renewing Sarah’s contract, it was clear that was the decision of Fox News, and not Sarah Palin.

Clearly Palin did not “speak out” about the hostile environment at Fox, and she continued to take a pay check as long as Fox was willing to continue cutting her checks.








14 thoughts on “WHOOPS! Palin Condemns Herself and Her History at Fox

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  1. Here’s another Sarah at CPAC picture.

    The caption could read: “Mission Accomplished!” or “All Wee Wee’d Up!”


  2. You have to wonder why Palin is the only one who was not harassed by her coworkers and bosses, especially in light of her various tramp looks. She has no harassment complaints, so logic tells us she used/uses sex to get air time. It’s not because of her intelligence or speaking ability. Granted she is good at creating the type of chaos that draws viewers. In any work setting, it is generally the women (and men) who are not complaining, who are receiving benefits and promotions far above their abilities.
    The most obvious indicator of Palin’s submissive behavior to gain celebrity is her sideways anger. When she finds a target she can attack it is usually filled with sex related vitriol. That is a common technique for abused people. In time, we will learn how many men and women (cough, Greta, cough) Palin used to become a celebrity.


  3. The fox no news communist station is full of predators. The station is nothing but male nasty dirty liars requiring the women to be dressed like hookers and talk as dumb as possible.


  4. Malia – The Wasilla loon wasn’t harassed by Ailes or O’Reilly. Sarah had her own studio in Wasilla, AK where she could spout her hate and stupidity from home. She rarely went to the FOX studios but when she did she was usually commenting on Greta’s or Sean’s shows. FOX didn’t renew her contract because she wasn’t generating the ratings they wanted and they realized she was uneducated, ignorant, blithering idiot! Sarah’s contempt for women staying on the job after being sexually harassed shows the depth of her ignorance. Sarah hasn’t worked a 9-5 job so she has no idea what it is like for women to hold down a job and take care of their families. When she works a 9-5 job and stays at that job for years and years and has acquired years of experience, then, and only then, should she be allowed to comment about women in the work place.


    1. Sharon,
      The funny thing to me is that Bill O’Reilly had nothing to do with her after her suggestion that we solve the Gulf Oil Spill by building dikes. Imagine the sexual pervert that was so turned off by her stupidity that he didn’t even want to hit on her!


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