The View Consensus: Sarah Palin Should Never Be Allowed in the White House

In a recent episode of the View, liberal, moderates, and conservatives agreed that Sarah’s behavior in the White House was inappropriate.

It’s interesting to look back at the discussion of other celebrities on the View to see them in agreement about Palin.



5 thoughts on “The View Consensus: Sarah Palin Should Never Be Allowed in the White House

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  1. “Sarah points finger at the President” (illegitimate President)

    Well, of course she did. She does that frequently as that is how early tribes communicated original thoughts. She heard that was a neat Toastmaster trick to emphasize a point. (When you don’t have one)

    Having grown up in a feral existence, it is embarrassingly obvious to even The View which has a few conservatives. (Babs W., Hank K.’s squeeze) who have previously kissed her patoot.

    Sarah is not even remotely civilized.

    Obama’s upcoming trip to Germany will no doubt draw huge crowds with Chancellor Merkel. That ought to make those people that turned the WH into “Animal House” really really smokin’ pissed.


  2. Omg! Just heard Bill Maher’s riff on Palin’s visit to the White House.

    He called the threesome, “The Axis of Hillbillies” and went on to speculate if they had gone out to the Rose Garden varmint-hunting for lunch.

    Pretty much nailed it.


  3. I can’t believe the GOP has fallen this low. They were always the party of decorum, professionalism, old money dignity. Now they let a bunch of redneck farm animals take a dump on the Oval Office. Class does not come from gold plating everything in sight. Class comes from a standard of behavior, morals, ethics, and quiet grace.


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