Sarah Palin Promotes New Clothing Line: “Tableshirts by Palin”

It was 2015 at the CPAC conference that Sarah Palin was first seen testing her new line of clothing made from lace tablecloths.  This one featured a black lace tablecloth, made into a skirt.

Image result for blacklace tablecloth


Image result for sarah palin black skirt

Sponsors of the clothing line became hesitant due to concern that the skirt made from a black lace tablecloth might be confused with the better known Halloween tablecloth.

Image result for blacklace tablecloth

However, Sarah didn’t let that dissuade her from this money making endeavor.    Returning to the traditional white cloth, and taking advantage of information available on you tube, Sarah Palin has launched her new line of clothing under the brand Tableshirts by Palin.   With her fabulous first showing at the White House, and the endorsement of Nugent, Rock, and Trump, the line is expected to sell out within days.  This is the newly designed blouse that Sarah herself is modeling.

Image result for sarah palin white house

This is the table cloth that served as the inspiration for the blouse.

Image result for white lace tablecloth

Palin was featured yesterday on CNN

wearing one of the black lace tops that has been re-introduced after the popularity of the white top.

Kellyanne Conway will be advertising the line in her next interview.

When sales drop off, Palin plans to sell advertising spots on her you tube videos where she herself demonstrates how easy it is to dress yourself in tablecloths.

When asked about her inspiration for the line, Sarah admitted that the original idea came from a friend of Todd.  Then it was Bristol who convinced her that it might be a family brand and the entire family might help promote it.

Image result for bristol lace palin

Image result for bristol lace palin


10 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Promotes New Clothing Line: “Tableshirts by Palin”

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  1. Re 3rd picture: that one woman looks like she’s about to Facebook Live what’s about to come out of Sarah’s ass, and it’s probably the remnants of Trump or Nugent from the WH visit.


  2. We could have major fun with this one. Oh what a tangled web we weave when we wear doilies on our sleeves. Hello, Doilie well Hello, doilie its so nice to have you back in the asylum. Can we still call her crotchety or is it now crochet-y? I’m from iowa.


    1. mike,
      I bet she has different tableshirts for brawling! They are still lace on the outside, but lined with duct tape on the inside. For a small added price you can choose from a variety of colors of duct tape.


  3. Drumpf sure is wearing a forced smile in that picture with Palin! Wonder whose grand idea it was to invite hillbilly Sarah to the White House. Maybe he’s trying to raise his poll numbers. LOL.

    Also, look at his tiny hands. (First time I’ve seen it be so obvious.) Big shirt gap at his wrists.


  4. “Tableshirt” should become the 2017 Word of the Year, Malia. Good one!
    Quick: trademark it before she starts production of them for family and friends.


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