Nixon ( 6 Months After Watergate) More Popular than Trump ( Three Months After Inauguration)

AOL reports that Trump’s approval ratings for his first quarter in office are lower than the previous 9 presidents at the same time in their presidencies.


According to Gallup, first quarter presidential approval ratings were:

  • Kennedy – 74 percent
  • Dwight Eisenhower – 71 percent
  • Jimmy Carter – 69 percent
  • Barack Obama – 63 percent
  • Richard Nixon – 62 percent
  • Ronald Reagan – 60 percent
  • George W. Bush – 58 percent
  • George H.W. Bush – 57 percent
  • Bill Clinton – 55 percent
  • Donald Trump – 41 percent

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However the even more impressive  is the comparison  of Trump three months after his inauguration to Richard  Nixon 6 months after Watergate.

The actual break-in at the Watergate complex occurred in June 1972. Nixon nevertheless went on to a sweeping re-election victory over Democrat George McGovern in November, and to a robust presidential approval rating of 62% immediately thereafter. By January of 1973, however, the criminal trial of the first set of Watergate defendants and the formation of a special Senate committee to investigate Republican campaign espionage began. Nixon’s job approval dropped to 51% in a mid-January Gallup survey.

A new Gallup poll released Thursday shows Trump averaged a job approval rating of 41 percent since his Jan. 20 inauguration- a figure 14 percent lower than any other president in Gallup’s polling history.

Perhaps part of Trump’s unpopularity has more to do with the general disgust most women have for him as a predator, and less about his many failings as our Commander in Chief.  Nixon had no respect for women, but there is no indication he harassed them or liked to grab some pussy.

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Trump has no respect for women but does like to grab whatever he can.

Whatever the reason, if the two were running against each other, I’m not sure who’d I’d vote for???

5 thoughts on “Nixon ( 6 Months After Watergate) More Popular than Trump ( Three Months After Inauguration)

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  1. Drumpf’s mom and dad got married last fall
    They had a little Drumpf Jr and that ain’t all
    The baby got famous in the White House you see
    By doing that hand jive on tee-vee

    Hand jive, hand jive, hand jive doing that crazy hand jive.

    Thanks to Johnny Otis and Willie and the Hand Jive


  2. Paul Ryan could have done something about all this, he had many months. Like a narcissistic coward, he did not. Thanks, Paul. You fail.


  3. Watching the republican’s slink and slime away saying Russia hacked our election is way too much for me. That party is disgusting. Paul Ryan allowed it. There is NO excuse for the lack of outrage from republicans. I’m am so glad President Obama will be back in the mix on Monday. America needs a real voice of reason from an actual USA President. And a quick swift impeachment of this fraud and liar.


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