The “Red-Neck Holy-Trinity” Visits the White House

Perhaps it was their casual clothes?  Perhaps it was the hats worn by the men or the lace tablecloth worn by Sarah?

Image result for lace tablecloth

Whatever it was, the Washington Post features an article that includes descriptions of the group as:

“… a white trash Mount Rushmore,”

“disrespectful” and “straight up classless.”

“the redneck holy trinity.”

“What a bunch of disrespectful idiots,”

Image result for sarahpalin redneck


 “You call yourselves proud Americans and behave like 3rd graders in the White House. I don’t care if you like her or not. You are disrespectful.

Image result for sarahpalin redneck

13 thoughts on “The “Red-Neck Holy-Trinity” Visits the White House

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  1. I have to tell you – this was very upsetting. Bad enough Trump invited those people there – but to dress inappropriately and mock Hillary!!! Too much. All they needed were Duck Dynasty and Mama June.

    Hope this finds you well.


  2. I’m picturing these three sitting around a campfire singing Kumb……no, that wasn’t it. They were grooming each other for fleas and ticks just like their recent Neanderthal ancestors did in the 60’s-the 1960’s.


  3. That photo is disturbing but it is unbelieveable Palin is proud of it. I doubt that many who disliked Clinton find this tacky gang cute or clever. They need a chaperone to monitor their behavior.


  4. The White House will be closed this weekend for fumigation. That’s all right, because The Donald will be at Mar-A-Lago eating a beautiful chocolate cake and bloviating about his Armada to whoever is in earshot. Just when you think he’s bottomed out, he pulls a dumbass stunt like this. Inviting this crew of high-end deplorables has to be a high crime or misdemeanor. Or it means that he isn’t capable of performing his duties as prez. Or both.


  5. White Trash Mount Rushmore is the absolute best comment on this trio. The photo in front of Hilary speaks for itself, no sense of honoring the decorum of the White House. Look for these three on black velvet paintings at your local gas station this summer.


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