Pictures of Trump Tell The Real Story! Root Canals For Everyone!

A picture really is worth a thousand words.  Trump bragged about the record turnout for his inauguration.  However the comparison pictures of the Trump inauguration and the Obama inauguration told the real story.

Image result for trump obama inauguration

Now a Twitter Battle has broken out between Trump and the NY Times.  Here are the Tweets:

Patriots’ turnout for President Obama in 2015 vs. Patriots’ turnout for President Trump today:


Failing @nytimes, which has been calling me wrong for two years, just got caught in a big lie concerning New England Patriots visit to W.H.

Image result for obama new england patriots


The Patriots responded on Twitter that the photos lack context, saying football staff sat on the South Lawn instead of standing on the stairs this year. Team spokesman Stacey James told the Boston Globe the White House chose to have the staff sit.

But the reality is that:

  1.  Tom Brady didn’t come to the White House to meet Trump.
  2. The New England Pats admitted that fewer players attended this year than when Obama was President.  In all, 34 players were present for the Trump ceremony, a total similar to the team’s past visits in 2004 and 2005 but noticeably fewer than in 2002 and 2015.
  3. The primary difference between the photos is that the Patriots staff was included in the Obama photo and the staff is not present in the Trump picture.

The significant difference is that the White House “chose to have the staff sit” this year, signaling Trump’s attitude that he didn’t want to be associated with someone as insignificant as the staff. Obama, being a President of the people, invited everyone to join in the photo.

There is another significant difference.  Look at the complete joy in the faces of the players and the President.  Everyone is seen smiling with President Bush, and Bush himself is genuinely enjoying himself.

Image result for bush new england patriots

Likewise with President Obama, everyone was having a great time.

Image result for obama new england patriots

President Trump appears to have a forced happy face.  The players that surround him appear to be anticipating root canals later in the day!

Image result for trump new england patriots


13 thoughts on “Pictures of Trump Tell The Real Story! Root Canals For Everyone!

Add yours

  1. Malia, you are wrong.
    It’s a bunch of fellows who just found out the team is requiring a pre season colonoscopy for players, managers, and coaches. Coach Bill is actually the poster person for colonoscopies.


  2. We needed this post today after reading of Palin’s disrespectful mockery of the Oval office.
    I got a big ole fat grin looking at the genuinely happy smiles which did NOT obviously appear in the Trump shot.


  3. In the bottom pic, there is a Black player right behind Coach Bellicheat who, when shown in other photos has almost a scowl on his face for Drumpf.


      1. Seriously, I have had root canals and they aren’t near as painful as this outfit is to watch. Fact of the matter is I’d rather have root canals than have to pay attention to anyone in this administration.

        Here is a quote from Perjurer Sessions AG

        From Attorney General Jeff Sessions, still unhappy that President Trump’s immigration order has been stayed by the courts:

        I really am amazed that a judge sitting on an island in the Pacific can issue an order that stops the President of the United States from what appears to be clearly his statutory and Constitutional power.

        The stoopid never ends with these cretins. No wonder we can lose track of billion dollar Navy carrier groups.


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