Sarah Palin Doesn’t FIGHT LIKE A GIRL; She Quits!

At least as early as 2001 people coined the phrase “fight like a girl.”  It was May of 2001 that the LA Times featured an article by the title of “Boy, You Fight Like a Girl.”

In 2001 Sarah Palin was still the Mayor of Wasilla!

It was June of 2009, about the time Sarah Palin was announcing her resignation as Governor of Alaska, that a Group by the name of  “Bomshel” released a song by the name of “Fight Like a Girl.”


In March of 2016 Laura Barcella published a book with the title “Fight Like a Girl.”

Fight Like a Girl: 50 Feminists Who Changed the World by [Barcella, Laura]

In September of 2016 Clementine Ford published her book by the same name, “Fight Like a Girl.

Fight Like A Girl by [Ford, Clementine]

In June of 2013 April Steenburgh and Christy Lennox published their book by the same name, “Fight Like a Girl.”

Fight Like a Girl by [Steenburgh, April, Lennox, Christy, Carpenter, Catherine, Claiborne, Erin, Wilgus, Alison, Sheng, N., Kahrs, JJ, Belviso, Meg, Marske, Freya, Waters, Nina]

 In August of 2013 Alex Ramirez published an article in Influential Magazine entitled “Be Brave and Fight Like a Girl.”  The article was highlighting the fourth annual “Be Brave and Fight Like a Girl” party to be held in Austin Texas.  The party was being held to honor women who had fought breast cancer.  That means the first “Fight Like a Girl” party was held in 2009.

There is a Fight Like a Girl foundation.  Ironically it is a support group for women battling cancer and other serious illnesses, who could not afford medical treatment, families who had to trim down their grocery list to pay for prescriptions, and women who went years without mammograms because they didn’t have the money to pay for one.

Image result for fight like a girl sign boston

Of course Sarah Palin wouldn’t know about that foundation since she gets her health care from government funded subsidies.

Fight Like a Girl Foundation

 There are Fight Like a Girl t shirts.

Fight Like a Girl - W Tee

In December of 2015 another “Fight Like a Girl” song was released.  This one was by Kalie Shorr.
Clearly the phrase Fight Like a Girl has been around a long time, most people have heard it in some context, and most people don’t attribute the phrase to one person.
Elizabeth Warren posted this picture to her twitter account with the phrase “Fight Like a Girl.”

Palin said:
“Coming from liberals who urge women to claim victimization, ‘Fight like a girl’ just doesn’t sound the same as when legit fighters for equality say it, mean it, live it, and will never give it up.” 

Warren told NPR that she was inspired to use the phrase “fight like a girl” after seeing a young woman holding a sign with that phrase during the women’s march in Boston this year.

Ironically women around the world have turned out to protest Trump’s outrageous treatment of women.  It was Palin who endorsed Trump, and it is Trump who inspired women like Elizabeth Warren to stand up and demand that every woman FIGHT LIKE A GIRL!


Image result for trump women rally fight like a girl


Image result for fight like a girl sign


It is ludicrous, offensive, and an illustration of Sarah Palin’s delusional perception of herself to suggest that Elizabeth Warren was quoting Sarah Palin.  It’s just plain stupid for Sarah to comment about this without doing a little homework.  Obviously she should be embarrassed to take credit for the phrase.  She should be even more embarrassed to suggest that has ever been an advocate for women.  Palin’s comments suggesting Elizabeth Warren was quoting her is on par with Palin’s remark that Paul Revere was warning the British.

Sarah Palin is a woman but she doesn’t represent women.  Women are fighters.  Sarah Palin is a quitter.

11 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Doesn’t FIGHT LIKE A GIRL; She Quits!

Add yours

  1. “Coming from liberals who urge women to claim victimization,”

    It’s not liberals. It’s attorney’s that get women to do this. They have mortgage payments to make.

    Nazareth already coined the fight like a girl thing
    along time ago.

    There is a difference between a women who has given birth to a son, and one who has not. A women who has labored with a male child has experienced the male hormone testosterone. This alters her brain for life. A women who has never labored with a male child or never had children will never have understanding.


  2. She is so used to being a dick… extreme penis envy case.

    She, like Trump, would wet their pants if faced with menacing confrontation.


  3. It is good to point out how liberals and (attorneys as the person above points out) screams to claim victimhood instead of just fighting to be as equal to men. Warren rubs me the wrong way and I am not a lone Democrat in voicing this opinion. I think she was a copout for standing by Hillary at a rally when she is EVERYTHING opposite of corporate shill-dishonest-shady international relationships Hillary.

    While Sarah Palin isn’t capable of being president, I do appreciate her frankness, her ability to call out corrupt republicans, her authenticity, and her putting family first while balancing life well. In a world where many celebrities kids follow in their famous footsteps and ride coattails, hers create their own lives and don’t sponge off her financially. THAT is worthy of respect and we must acknowledge that.


    1. Real Momma Griz,
      I am puzzled by your conclusion that her kids aren’t “sponging off” her. When did she ever put her family first…certainly not when Todd was in the hospital,or when Track was arrested?


  4. It’s hard to imagine that at the pearly gates, vodka bottle in hand, Sarah Palin will be met by anything but flaming pitchforks.


    1. and Sarah’s comment today is evidence that the woman is still a narcissist who remains as unevolved and as ignorant as her previous ignorant and unevolved statement.

      Darkness. Utter darkness.


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