Bye Bye Bill O’Reilly!

Bill O’Reilly is gone.

11 thoughts on “Bye Bye Bill O’Reilly!

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  1. Bill was actually meeting with the Pope in the Vatican today! So at least he was in similar company of an institution known for sex abuse.


  2. He is gone from fox but has a new job with Todd. He is in charge of Russian hookers, it’s becoming a problem.

    The last container of putin hookers looked a little rough. Most of them had walkers and or diapers. Oriels does not seem to care he disrespects them all the same.

    Todd is a little pissed off. Trump sent the aircraft carrier to Russia before Korea and picked up all the talented hookers. Trump is then sending the carrier to mor Lagos to get his dry cleaning and to wax his cars and drop off the hookers

    If the carrier get to korea in the next year or so it will be an impressive show of force.

    Trump just told me he is selling f 16 jets and warheads on the lawn at mor lago. He is trying to pay off his national debt.

    Oh well back to work


  3. OMG I died seeing a meme just now.

    Side by side of Ben Franklin and Frank Reynolds (Danny Devito character)

    “Is there even a difference between them?
    Famous Philadelphian, Successful entrepreneur, Hates government, loves bangin hoes”


  4. Hey! Wait just a minute!!! We don’t want him out here roaming around, hitting on women, grabbing that which is no longer prohibited to grab. Give him a job at Trump Tower or Mar a Lago.


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