Melania Has to Remind Donald What to Grab!

It’s amazing that the foreign born wife of the President has to remind our President to cover his heart while listening to the national anthem.



17 thoughts on “Melania Has to Remind Donald What to Grab!

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  1. The hand-over-the-heart salute was invented during the McCarthy era to protect schoolkids from Commies during the Pledge of Allegiance. Over the years, it found its way into the Star Spangled Banner, the God Bless America 7th inning stretch, and Evangelist rallies. At best, it looks awkward and contrived. At worst, it looks like “Why the hell did I eat that four-alarm burrito?”

    The Donald finally started out by doing something right. Too bad The Melania intervened. The proper protocol would have been for him to remove his comb over and stand at attention before the land of the free and the home of the brave.


  2. what she should grab is a camera and take a picture of her face without 500 pounds of mascara (ie. have you seen her facebook page photo??) – what, is she covering up the bruises? the sadness? her lifetime of disappointment that she chose prostitution as a way to pass her time on this planet???? what a deplorable!!! a fictitious ignorant liar!!! a servant to patriarchy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE NOT A FIRST ANYTHING, MELANIA!!!!!!!


    1. Simply Outrageous,
      It’s sad that we can’t do better than this for our first lady. The true message is that only a poor foreigner who had nothing to live for would leave their country and marry Trump!


  3. It ranks right up there with Obama not saluting the Marine while exiting the aircraft. Trump salutes without a hat on. Putting your hand over your heart was to prove you were not a homosexual during the lavender scare. Senator McCarthy from Wisconsin, being a former Army Intelligence puke, used this as a psych job on the population. If you didn’t conform you where labeled a Communist homosexual.


  4. Malia – Trump only put a half-assed effort into putting his hand on his chest. He was just standing there looking like he was so proud of himself and trying to look” presidential”, but Melania had to nudge him to put his hand on his chest. Even Barron knew what to do!


  5. I’m lost on this one. In ROTC, we stood at attention for the national anthem, no hand on the heart.

    Oh no! I’m a gay Communist traitor?! I prefer women, but our current version of Democracy makes Communism look very appealing. Cuba, Laos, and Vietnam seem like vacation spots. China seems to be the voice of reason between Trump and Kim.


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