Egg on the Face for Trump at the White House Egg Roll

It hurts my eyes to see Kellyanne Conway trying to walk in heels on the White House Lawn.

Image result for obama easter egg weight

This is a picture of Trump in his suit and tie starting the Easter Egg Roll.

Image result for obama easter egg weight

Contrast the atmosphere,the attire, and the personality of Michelle Obama.




This is the story of Trump signing a hat at the event, but being so oblivious to the average American that he three the hat into the crowd instead of returning it to its owner.


We can only hope that Melissa McCarthy will do a skit on SNL in which she portrays Sean Spicer reading from an Easter Book.

6 thoughts on “Egg on the Face for Trump at the White House Egg Roll

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  1. Sean’s bowels have the easiest job, as all the shit comes out of his mouth instead.

    And Melania should have read Daddy’s Roommate instead.


  2. Malia – Good one! Another fiasco at the WH. It seems whenever these people are in charge of an event they are clueless. What a joke! Only 21,000 participated in the Easter Egg Roll this year. Last year there were 35,000 at the Obama Easter Egg Roll. As usual Melania showed up dressed to the nines in a pink Herve Pierre dress more suitable for a bridesmaid. Melania’s dress and shoes cost $3,000, and that’s a conservative estimate. But, at least Melania had the gumption to wear flats instead of heels like Kellyanne Conway. LOL

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  3. Damn, I finally figured it out. Kellyanne is attic Barbie. She’s the one that was in a hot attic for 50 years, faded, warped, and joints out of alignment. Looks like a granny barbie, if they decide to make one. Sean reminds me of the heavy kid who never aged. Now more fit, but still looks like the guy kids would pick on.


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