Trevor Noah’s View of Trump’s Reality

3 thoughts on “Trevor Noah’s View of Trump’s Reality

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  1. If us taxpayers are paying to secure Melania and Barron’s asylum status in Manhattan away from donald, under the guise of “barron’s schooling”, then we should be entitled to see copies of Barron’s report cards.

    #ReportCardGate (someone set this hashtag up, I don’t use twitter etc)


  2. These shows are funny, but we all know when you start name calling, which is what character assassination is about, your loosing the argument. We as Democrats are engaging in this activity, because we are on the wrong side of many issues. We need new leadership. The current paradigm is not working. Ever since the Church committee hearings uncovered operation HTLINGUAL the party has been infiltrated by agents of the deep state in order to destroy it.


    1. And how do we know Cyber Gouge is not an infiltrator?

      Sorry, had to throw that one in. Totally agree. The Democrat Party reminds me of the clown car, with all the clowns spewing out, running all around, honking horns, total mayhem.


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