Stephen Colbert Would Gladly Trade His Ratings for a Better President

Stephen Colbert has benefited from the Presidency of Donald Trump.  Because of the constant source of late night humor/outrage at Trump, Colbert’s ratings are at an all-time high.


The Late Show was the most-watched weekday series in late night last week for the first time since Colbert took over the program in September 2015. Colbert averaged 2.77 million viewers, up 11 percent from the same week last year. CBS points out that Colbert’s YouTube viewership is also up 80 percent this season thanks to generating viral moments.

Colbert’s popularity seems to rise in direct proportion to the decline in popularity of Donald Trump.  Today Rasmussen reports that fifty-two percent (52%) of people surveyed  disapprove of the President.  Forty-two percent of people surveyed STRONGLY DISAPPROVE  of Trump.


Even Trump’s “true believers” are losing the faith.  As Trump learns more about issues, he seems to realize that his previous positions were wrong.

Even Alex Jones has become anti-Trump.

Before the election, Alex prayed for the election of Trump.

When Trump reduced Steve Bannon to a “guy who works for me” the President signaled that his desire to raise his poll numbers is his motivation,rather than a political ideology.




2 thoughts on “Stephen Colbert Would Gladly Trade His Ratings for a Better President

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  1. he’s still growing on me. if he lost the glasses (a distraction, so terribly overdone), it might go better.

    btw, after over a decade of anonymous unmarried sinning sex, Bristol should be giving birth to her first all-American god-approved multi-racial baby next month.


  2. Steven misses the point. Trump is competitive. He needs to challenge Donald on some aspect of their respective jobs. I’m guessing Mr. Colbert works more days than Donald, even in a job that allows plenty of free days. Better yet, as a comedian, I’m guessing Colbert has told fewer lies than the President.

    Let’s start counting the lies and truths in Colbert’s comedy, a job that is based on false but funny statements. Do the same with Trump’s lies and truths, in a job that is based on stating facts or independent research based opinions to inform US citizens.
    OK I got it, Late Night segment name “Are you more truthful than The President?”


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