Sarah Palin Says We Gotta Stand With Our East Korean Allies

Anyone following Sarah Palin over the last 8 years will remember her confusion about North and South Korea.  The depth of her confusion was illustrated in this clip, when she explained that “we gotta stand with our North Korean allies.”

Glen Beck tried to correct her without acknowledging what an idiot she is.  However later Mr. Beck mocked her, asking if she had suffered a brain aneurysm.

Perhaps Palin is now afraid to reveal her lack of knowledge about the regions of Korea. Sarah didn’t say that we have to stand with out East Korean allies.  She didn’t say anything about anything happening in the Koreas,or the threat of a nuclear war.

As the Whole World is Watching the developments between Kim Jong-un and the Donald, Sarah remains silent.  The sound of silence is deafening.




6 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Says We Gotta Stand With Our East Korean Allies

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  1. Malia – I thought when the Wasilla loon was in the news spouting off her stupid comments that she was the dumbest person I had ever heard. That was until Trump entered the political world. Everyday Trump lies or says something unbelievable. Trump doesn’t seem to be able to focus on one thing for more than a few minutes. He has changed his mind again and again. I just can’t wrap my head around Trump and his administration.
    But, even worse than Sarah’s North Korea faux pas Trump’s and his press secretary comments this week. Trump was quoted as saying he told the Chinese president he had sent 59 cruise missiles to Syria on Thursday night while they were sitting together eating the “most beautiful chocolate cake”! What the hell! Is that really something Trump should have discussed with the president of China over dessert? And, then there was Sean Spicer calling the concentration camps “Holocaust centers” and claiming Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons during WWII. Does he think there is a difference between the gas chambers of WWII and the gas dropped by bombs on Syria? Being gassed is being gassed no matter what mechanism or gas was used. What a bunch of bumbling idiots in the WH!


    1. Sharon,
      As I watched the national news tonight, Chris Matthews was reporting on Trump. The message was that this is what Trump did in the last few hours, but that doesn’t mean he’ll be doing that in a few more hours. Nobody can predict what this loon will do!


  2. I honestly cannot wait until the day that the FBI remove this bunch of cons and criminals from the white house in handcuffs. Each day is tragic for our country to allow and witness this sham to continue.


  3. The first two US states North Korea can reach with missiles are Hawaii and Alaska. Hawaii is less a target, since most of the fleet is deployed. Alaska has early warning air defense bases and the HAARP weather modification site. But Kim may think Sarah is his real mother. She too rants like a lunatic and wears a nest on her head.


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