Trump Claimed Bombing Syria Needed Congressional Approval!

In the summer of 2013, Donald Trump posted a remark on Twitter:

“What will we get for bombing Syria besides more debt and a possible long term conflict? Obama needs Congressional approval,” Trump tweeted on the morning of Aug. 29, 2013.

Earlier that month Trump said:  “The President must get Congressional approval before attacking Syria-big mistake if he does not.”

Moments after Pentagon officials announced that President Trump ordered an airstrike against Syria military targets in retaliation for Tuesday’s chemical weapons attack that killed 86 people, members of Congress pointed out Trump’s reversal.  Members of Congress thought Trump should have asked Congress to give their approval first.


Trump’s 33-year-old son, Eric, told The Daily Telegraph on Monday that the strike was influenced in part by Ivanka, who he said was “heartbroken and outraged” by the chemical attack.

“If there was anything that [the strike on] Syria did, it was to validate the fact that there is no Russia tie,” he said.

The fact that Donald Trump’s motivation to bomb Syria resulted from his daughter’s emotional reaction, and in part because Trump wanted to prove he was not in bed with Russia, is a clear reason why Congress should have been consulted.

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  1. We are all Alice, and the three White Houses are Wonderland. Just can’t figure out of Spicer or Conway is the Cheshire Cat. Up is down and down is up……we are all mad here. In this tea party they eat pizza with a fork.


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