Taxpayers Lost 16 Billion Last Year on Fraud; Trump’s Making it Worse

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Last year an estimated 15.4 million consumers were the victims of some kind of ID theft.  Fraud losses totaled $16 billion.  About 1 in every 16 U.S. adults were victims of ID theft in 2016 and the incidence rate jumped some 16% year over year.

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Law enforcement efforts to curb this escalation in the rate of credit card fraud should be at an all time high.  In fact the reality is just the opposite.  It is the Secret Service whose “primary investigative mission is to safeguard the payment and financial systems of the United States.  Since 1984, the Secret Service has been charged with investigative responsibilities have expanded to include crimes that involve financial institution fraud, computer and telecommunications fraud, false identification documents, access device fraud, advance fee fraud, and electronic funds transfers.   

While budget cuts have plagued the Secret Service,the demands on the Secret Service seem to only increase.  It is no secret that morale fell in 2016 for the fifth-straight year.  President Donald Trump was asked to make improving the federal workplace a “top priority.”  Instead the Secret Service under the Trump administration has reached an all time low in morale. It is now the least desirable government agency to work for, a new survey of federal government organizations reports.

According to the New York Times, the reason for the low morale is the challenges associated with protection of the entire Trump family (and members of Trump’s administration).  The Trump detail has completely worn its members down.  Now the Secret Service has requested $60 million in additional funding to protect President Donald Trump and his family.

The report gives a clearer picture of the expenses incurred by the Secret Service as it scrambles to keep up with the Trumps, who split time between Washington, New York, Florida, and promotional events for Trump properties around the world.

According to the report, about $27 million of the additional $60 million requested would go to protecting Trump Tower in New York City, where first lady Melania Trump resides with her son as he finishes school. The remaining $33 million would pay for travel costs from trips involving Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and visiting heads of state.


Between the president’s trips to and from Mar-a-Lago and the first lady’s full-time residence in New York, dozens of agents have been pulled off criminal cases from across the country to serve the Trump family in two-week stints. At Trump’s request, Secret Service detail has been provided for his four adult children, as well as administration members Reince Priebus, H.R. McMaster, and Kellyanne Conway.

“They are flat-out worn out,” Rep. Jason Chaffetz said.

Not only are the Secret Service agents frustrated over the additional expectations of the protection duties, but they are now having to fight over production of visitor logs at Trump Towers in a new FOIA suit.   

In spite of the low morale and the increasing demands on their time, at least some agents still have time to avail themselves of the services of prostitutes.  It was December of 2015 that Congress issued its report describing the Secret Service as an “Agency in Crisis”.  It seems the agency has fallen into a downward spiral, and the fall has only been made worse by the Trump administration.  There is still no replacement for the Director who resigned, effective over a month ago.




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  1. Chump change! On September 10, 2001, Sec Rumsfeld and Comptroller Zakheim announced $2.1 TRILLION was missing from Pentagon accounts. The current estimate is $8 Trillion. The Pentagon and a few other agencies cannot produce a financial statement. The Federal accounting systems are a mess. Now the wolves are in the chicken coop, encouraged by the ease of embezzling taxpayer money. $8 trillion missing, not on the top ten list, taxpayers funding a resort and NYC penthouse, not an issue.


  2. I’m sure Erik Prince and his company Blackwater could handle the job. Maybe, that’s what we need. Let the privilege class know they can be replaced.


  3. Malia, the estimates of fraud losses are almost certainly GROSSLY underestimated! And a number of former Secret Service agents have been part of the problem – not the solution. Crooked retired USSS agents at Beckett Brown International (BBI) and its numerous successor companies have committed massive, mind-boggling racketeering and corporate espionage crimes. “We Know All About You: The Story of Surveillance in Britain and America” book citing this will be launched Wednesday, April 19th during Edinburgh University Spy Week…


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