Fox News and Sarah Palin, Accomplices in Depravity

It was January of 2010 that Sarah Palin was hired by Fox News as a contributor.  It appeared a match made in heaven.  Fox News didn’t seem to care what she said.  They simply enjoyed the ratings.  Just one example of the ridiculous nature of Palin’s contributions was her recommendation  of building dikes to solve the Gulf Oil Spill.

Over a three year period, Palin hauled in 3 Million Dollars.  During her tenure,  Palin appeared on various Fox broadcasts a little more than 150 times and spoke 189,221 words. That averages out to a grand total of $15.85 per word.   Roger Ailes didn’t even pretend to have hired Sarah Palin for anything other than her looks...which seems to have been the criteria Ailes used to hire all of his women.

In August of 2013, after Palin was faced with non-renewal of her contract she went groveling back to Fox News, because “she realized that without Fox she was nothing.”  She had to take a 75″% cut in pay to return.  Some thought she was being over-paid by 25%.

In June of 2015 it was announced that Fox wasn’t going to renew even that minimal salary.

While Palin was at Fox, it became apparent why Fox and Palin were a good fit.  Palin and Fox had so much in common.

Fox lied as often as it reported the facts.  Sarah wasn’t bright enough to know the difference between the truth and lies.

Since 2004 Fox, and Bill O’Reilly in particular, had been accused of sexual harassment in the work place.  Yet that didn’t stop Fox from keeping O’Reilly on and it didn’t cause Palin to refuse the offer to become associated with Fox.  O’Reilly continued to be the most popular anchor for Fox, bringing in $100 Million a year.

Last weekend, The New York Times revealed that Fox and its biggest star, Bill O’Reilly, have paid out roughly $13 million to settle complaints that O’Reilly mistreated (in four cases sexually harassed) five women. This news unleashed a torrent of blue chip advertisers fleeing “The O’Reilly Factor” – to date, close to 50 companies have pulled their ads.

Fox has also been sued for racial discrimination by three different claimants.

Palin has disparaged women.  She has frequently shown herself to be a bigot too.

Those comments marked Palin’s final appearance on the network as a paid political analyst.

Who could forget then-Fox News Chairman and CEO Roger Ailes being pressured into resigning from the company after former Fox News host Gretchen Carlson filed a lawsuit alleging sexual misconduct on the part of Ailes.

Fox News and Ailes denied the allegations at the time.   However the $20Million Dollar settlement told the real story.  President Trump, the pussy grabber in chief, described O’Reilly as a “good person.”

O’Reilly has been known to exhibit rude insolent behavior.

Sarah Palin has done the same.

As we reflect over the past 8 years it is clear that both Fox news and Sarah Palin have been hateful bigots.  Sarah and Fox News are both bad for women.  Sarah is an embarrassment to women because of her lack of intelligence, and her unprofessional behavior.  Fox represents a company that exploits women and uses women for the pleasure of their male executives.  Both Todd Palin and Fox news used and exploited women.  Sarah participated in the exploitation and profited from it.


5 thoughts on “Fox News and Sarah Palin, Accomplices in Depravity

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  1. Malia, I think you need to step back and see the bigger picture. Sarah is the FOX celebrity/opinion person who represents a side opposite sexism. While the other FOX celebrities gawk & leer at the opposite sex like rutting animals, Sarah uses crude comments to attack the opposite sex. Sarah makes it a point to use terms related to reproductive power to belittle males. So therein lies the balance of “Fair and Balanced.” Where the ones side is looking for sexual gratification the other, Sarah Palin, approaches with a farm implement used for castrating animals.


  2. I remember back in the day ailed thought Sarah was one of the hottest chicks is his stable.

    He then changed his story to ” she is the hottest chick I got who pees standing up”

    Sometimes people you have to read between the lines. Especially if those lines are powdered cocaine and meth.

    I think we been to get back to are roots and remember a better time. Remember kunta kintay and chicken George. Remember our Indian friends who have risen up to live in casinos.

    We need to think like the old Indians. If threatened we need to raise our tomahawks and throw them at an abandoned airfield.

    Comrad trump is following in the footsteps and launched 59 tomahawks at our enimies. He also owns a bunch of casinos and also supports chicken fighting.

    He is the logical leader of the ussr/USA . Sarah’s mind numbing thoughts has kneaded the minds of people to pave the runways of people’s minds to accept this path we are one.

    Although our minds are pocked with holes of logic let trump lead us to the prom missed land or a decent golf course. May he get us out out of the rough and sand traps of our time.

    We are on the first hole of this 18 hole game. May he finish it with out knocking a few more balls in the woods.

    Also will someone close the glue bottle. My brain is simmering.


    1. painchipeater,
      I heard that he is planning to build a new casino at the base where they attacked. Trump is offering discounts to Russian soldiers for their first night stay. For the upper end guests he is offering the “Putin Package” which includes a three night say, a personalized gas mask, and free access to the driving range… that is really more of a driving hole.


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