Trump Launches Missles from Mar-a-lago Resort!

Yesterday I posted an article on the President’s launch of misseles on Syria.  It wasn’t clear where the President was located when he supervised the launch.  Today it is clear.  He was at Mar-a-lago, mid-week, conducting national security business from his posh resort.

Now, it’s clear that Trump is more than willing to conduct the most sensitive of  national security business from his resort.  It’s not a weekend get a way.  It’s not a vacation.  Shame on Trump and every person around the table for failing to insist that this type of meeting be held in the White House!

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  1. Very good point. If the shoe was on the other foot would the neo cons be up in arms over security. Most likely yes. I’m sure everyone enjoys the posh surroundings. President Jimmy Carter still remains the only president who never shot anyone, bombed anyone, or invaded anothdr country.


  2. Malia – It’s interesting Trump was in Florida while VP Pence, Sec. of Defense Mattis, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Gen. Dunford were in the “situation room” at the White House in Washington, DC. Trump should have hauled his gargantuan ass back to the White House to deal with the Syria situation, but instead he decided to stay in Florida. He finished his meeting with the Chinese president and remained in Florida for his weekly tryst with Melania and issue the order to bomb Syria. And, least we not forget, he had a scheduled tee time!

    So Trump, met with aides and, via skype, he and the aides communicated with Pence, Mattis, and Dunford. Was the meeting in Mar-A-Lago in a sensitive compartmentalized facility (SCIF)? Or, were they in a tent they passed off as a SCIF? The photo appears to be “staged”, however, it doesn’t even come close to resembling the 2011 photo taken of Obama and his national team when they were in the situation room during the Osama bin Laden raid.

    The people in the photo with Trump included Joe Hagin, Jared Kushner, Steve Mnuchin, Wilbur Ross, Rex Tillerson, H.R. McMaster, Reince Priebus, Sean Spicer, Stephen Bannon, Stephen Miller, Michael Anton. Dina Powell, and Gary Cohn. The only person missing was Ivanka. Or, was she there, but just not in the photo? The man standing in front of the door is a military aide. Is he the aide assigned to carry the nuclear “football” or is he monitoring who comes and goes from the meeting?

    Jared Kushner doesn’t have top secret security clearance and won’t until he gives the federal government a complete list of his foreign contacts. And, even then, depending upon who is on the list, his clearance may not be “top secret”. So, why was he at the meeting? Why were Sec. of Treasury Mnuchin, Sec. of Commerce Ross, and Chief Economic Advisor Cohn included in the sit down? Do they have the proper security clearance for such a meeting? Or, can anyone attend a meeting, top secret or not, as long as Trump says it’s okay?


  3. I could hear the sirens in texas from my backyard in another state. It was loud and clear. What an explosive dinner it was. Not even congress must agree what to serve up to friends and enemies. The demon in charge ordered for America a bomb from his stock and pile floating in the swamp of citizen united.


  4. Where’s Conway? No top security clearance? Oh wait she might see fact and mix them up with her lies.

    All kidding aside, this is going to get interesting. What a F’ing idiot!!!! Launch a missile attack from a business. Clueless bastard just started a war on soft targets, all labeled TRUMP. Middle Eastern fighters will start attacking the Trump properties. These businesses have no defense, and they are located all over the world. The war will get personal for the Dons, Mel, and Eric.
    What we have is the equivalent of the late Ray Kroc launching a missile attack while sitting in one of his McDonald’s restaurants.


  5. Lil’ Donnie finally got to play with some of his big boy boom-boom toys. They were on sale at WalMart for only $1.4M each. I’ll betcha he had so much fun he’s planning a sequel, starring that aircraft carrier he’s pointed toward North Korea. If we have nukes, why don’t we use ’em?


  6. PCE aka Tetrachloroethylene was found in private wells in my area. I drink and bath from my well water. Freeport McMoran Mining Corporation out of Houston Texas is one of the largest mining corporations in the world, they have an office in Phoenix Arizona and they mine 3 miles from my property in Yavapai county Arizona that the PCE contamination in private wells was found. At least one member of this mining corporation also sits on the MD Anderson Cancer Center board, the MD Anderson Cancer Center motto is is to “wipe out cancer”.

    My family and pets have developed cancer and diseases recently. My dog just had surgery to remove a tumor from her eye, my other dog has one too and soon will have surgery. I start extreme chemo therapy and radiation in the morning of 4/10/17 to survive the cancer that developed suddenly. I will document each awful day of the harmful damage, effects and symptoms leading up to my diagnoses in January 2017 and then will document the dangerous chemicals and radiation that I must receive to survive this cancer from exposure to PCE.

    Don says that he is lifting and removing all regulations by the EPA and putting the “miners back to work” and “he loves miners” and “he loves clean coal”. I have never heard of clean coal, have you? Don also says the red line was crossed in Syria and chemicals killed little babies and the dictators must be held accountable for poisoning little children.

    Don also wants to know who works for the various EPA agencies in the 50 State EPA agencies in the usa. He wants a list names of all employees their addresses, phone numbers, who they talk too and associate with, all complaints filed and activity.

    The newspaper articles regarding this PCE contamination are in the local Verde Independent Newspaper. The ADEQ is also testing the contamination of the “Private Wells” in this area.

    I love life and living it and I hope to survive this cancer, wish me luck!! and I will send my continuing chapters of my story of “A Life Interrupted” to you Malia, President Obama and Rachael Maddow in hope that it will help someone else survive.


    1. Aloha,
      I am so very sorry to hear what you are having to deal with! It’s tragic! If any person develops cancer of unknown origin,it’s horrible! When the cause is knowable, and preventable, it’s criminal! I hope that someone goes to jail, and that we can hold Trump accountable! Our prayers are with you.


  7. Thank you Malia. I am now at my Chemo appointment. 6-8 hours of treatment in beautiful Sedona Arizona Cancer Center. The view as I sit here is amazing and beautiful in Sedona red rocks. The chemo is through a port that was put in stat on Friday. I had blood drawn to Identify the PCE and provided a urine sample. having our well tested for different panels. Arizona Dept of Environment Quality has been in contact with me today.


    1. Aloha,
      It sounds like a real potential for a class action law suit. The Arizona Department of Environment Quality can and should do tests, and if they find some form of contamination, then you will have a built in expert to testify on your behalf that will have the benefit of being a disinterested governmental agency. If they find that there is contamination be sure you get the best class action attorney to represent the class. You’ll have many attorneys trying to get you to sing up with them to get a percentage of your recovery, but do your homework. It sounds like this might merit a nationally adept class action attorney, and be sure they agree to pay all the expenses of litigation! If the Arizona Department finds some form of contamination, it should be a “slam dunk” for your class action attorneys.


  8. Thank you Malia for the advice and encouragement. This is happening all over our beautiful country. Our water supplies, water ways, oceans, lakes and rivers are being polluted in many different ways. It is harming many people, kids, pets, plants and soil. Our farm animals are harmed also. During President Obama term years he made some progress.

    it takes a criminal part of our society to knowingly ok the contamination of our water supplies. This particular area is a mining gold mine for several natural resources, the area is under protection now due to President Obama’s last minute executive order. Trump wanted to lift it for his buddies and give the land to mining corporations and developers. I joined a group to fight it a few years ago. The Bundy BLM fiasco was a warning to us. They were active here also, several at that Oregon blm land were from this area. I have pissed off some big wigs in the area about this topic and also worthless representatives such as McCain, Gosar, Trout, Flake, and others that buddy up with the developers and mining corp. So? my contaminated water well does not surprise me. They have attempted to shut me up for quite awhile now by attacking my family personally through hacking extortion and vandalism.


    1. Aloha America,
      My favorite scene from Erin Brokovich was the attorney’s office when Julia Roberts tells the attorney that they had the water specially brought in for them from the contaminated area!


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