ISIS Predictably Retaliates in Response to Trump Attack

Actions have consequences.  Especially when dealing with terrorists, the President of the United States should be extremely careful about what he says and does.  On the campaign trail he was outspoken about proponent of “bombing the shit” out of ISIS.

Now that Trump has bombed the shit out of Syria, ISIS is responding.  Citing a military source, Al-Masdar reported that ISIS fighters in Syria launched a massive offensive Friday morning, shortly after President Donald Trump authorized the airstrike.

The location ISIS is attacking is nearby the destruction 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles left after the U.S. targeted Shayrat Airbase. The strike by the U.S. caused “significant damage” to the military base , led to a large fire and left at least four people dead.  The Daily Express reported that ISIS fighters attacked a Syrian Arab Army.  It’s believed that the terror group seized the opportunity to launch an attack on forces in Syria without the risk of retaliation through the air.

A Russian official said after the U.S. attack that the move may “undermine the fight against terrorism in Syria.”

The situation is still unfolding, as the ISIS assault is expected to worsen in the coming hours.

Earlier in the day before the U.S.’ missiles were launched, ISIS killed 33 people execution style in eastern Syria, CNN reported.

My fear is that the bombing of Syria by Trump was done without a significant amount of thought,planning, or coordination with our allies.  It’s not the act of attacking Assad that is troublesome.  It’s the lack of careful planning and coordination with other countries that may result in more violence and death.

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  1. The United States deliberately did not damage the airstrip of the base they attacked last night. It was in conjunction with Russia’s long range plans to leave the runways intact. Guess which Syrian airforce is using those runways to launch bombing raids on Homs today? Aw, dangit,you guessed right away.

    Symbolism doesn’t work if not done tight. If we wanted to send Syria a message we aren’t really upset with them enough to punish them, why didn’t we bomb them with marshmallows?

    You see we warned Russian troops hours before the raid took place that we were going to bomb it so they would not be collateral damage and they just happened to tell Syria which removed most of their planes to a safer place. Hell of a way to fight a war.


  2. OT Planet Jupiter is putting on a spectacular show in thew eastern/south eastern early evening sky. All alone as befits the gas giant of the heavens.


  3. Trumps dinner dessert for china and his friends in Russia. His red line of stock in bombs and things has gone up.


  4. Russia released a video of the targeted air strips. The missiles missed most of the runways. The Russian video marked all of the impact sites, holes in the dirt. The air fields were back up on Friday. The video makes the term “precision laser guided” look like a scam. These missiles were off by 10-20 yards at best.


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