Secret Service Still Soliciting Sex

It’s been over 6 years since the National Enquirer reported on Todd Palin’s identity as the pimp of Shailey Tripp.
It was May of 2012 that I reported on the connection between Todd Palin and the Secret Service Agent, David Chaney who was assigned to guard Sarah Palin during the 08 campaign, and was also involved in the Colombia scandal.
It was 4-8-13, and 12-16-14 that I sent letters to Todd Palin and his attorney inviting a denial of the allegations of Shailey Tripp that Todd was her pimp.
It was February of 2012 that Shailey Tripp published her book Boys Will Be Boys, in which she provided names and details of her life as a prostitute working for Todd Palin.  She also provided a very specific description of Todd’s genitals.  It was May of 2013 that I sent a letter to Sarah Palin and her attorney inviting a denial of Shailey’s description of Todd’s genitals.
It was March of 2015 that I was forced to file a lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security to obtain the FOIA documents that had been requested regarding the culture of corruption at the Secret Service.  Those documents weren’t produced until over a year later and as a result of a Court Order in February of 2016 requiring production.  As late as August of 2016, Dave Leiber of the Dallas Morning News featured a story that help me bring national attention to the story and get my attorney fees reimbursed. 
For over four years I have reported on the sexual indiscretions of the Secret Service and the evidence to indicate that the Secret Service agents had charged taxpayers for expenses associated with using prostitutes.  
I have provided multiple summaries and lists of specific examples of immoral, illegal, perverted, and corrupt behavior of the Secret Service.     It was December of 2015 that Congress issued its bi-partisan report of the Secret Service: an Agency in Crisis.  In that report, Congress identified specific examples of corruption and use of prostitutes by Secret Service agents, and the cover-up of same by then director, Mark Sullivan.  Congress specifically determined that Sullivan lied to Congress in his statement to Congress after the Colombia scandal surfaced.

The agency is still in “crisis.”  Director Clancy announced his retirement Feb. 14, 2017.  Yet, Trump has still not appointed a replacement.  The Secret Service has been without a Director since March 4th, 2017.  In the month that has passed since then, a man jumped the White House fence and was allowed to roam the grounds for 16 minutes before he was arrested.  Now an agent assigned to guard Mike Pence has been arrested for soliciting a prostitute.  The agent was spotted leaving the room of the prostitute at a Maryland hotel by police.  The agent was arrested and charged with solicitation.

Not only is this recent event evidence that the Secret Service remains an agency in crisis, but it is even more troubling that this information comes to our attention as a result of an arrest by local police.  Clearly there are many agents still involved in illegal activities, and this is just the most recent one to get caught.  How many are actively involved in illegal activities and haven’t been arrested?  Now that the pussy-grabber is the Commander in Chief, will the Secret Service plummet to new depths of depravity?


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  1. Malia, the Secret Service ‘Culture of Corruption’ continues at full throttle! Beckett Brown International (BBI) and Secret Service are cited in “We Know All About You: The History of Surveillance in Britain and America” by prize-winning historian and intelligence expert Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones. This new book is being launched on April 19th during the University of Edinburgh Spy Week. And, I have been told a whole lot more criminal activity committed by retired USSS agents – involving big names – is about to be revealed in other venues…


  2. Did you ever post Shay’s old blog posts gleefully speaking of great money making opportunities in 2007 but that she couldn’t talk about it in specifics?


  3. Are we that shocked, what with past presidents having their good ol boy fun in groups, and all these old and new celebrities engaging in orgies? The Obama centric stories about his gay history…

    Sex makes the world go round. Hollywood is embroiled with pedophilia and decaying morals.


  4. Watch the US Congressional inquiries into these Federal policing agencies. They bluntly refuse to turn over request evidence, and on some occasions just don’t show up at all. Several times the chairman has had to threaten them with the US Marshall ‘s.


  5. We need to ask Victoria. She put the Secret in Secret Service. It started with J. Edgar Hoover wearing her original line of boudoir wear. We do have all the bases covered, Pussy Grabber, Sex trade Service, and TSA pedophiles. Come to America, land of the groped.


  6. I just cant help thinking they aka mob have Natalie Holloway. The young blonde HS teenager that was drugged and then turned up missing in aruba years ago. Human trafficking and slave trade and selling babies is big business in under world..


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