Bannon OUT as Member of National Security Council

Steve Bannon, President Donald Trump’s chief strategist, has been removed from his permanent seat on the National Security Council.

Gen. Michael Flynn previously resigned from his position as President Donald Trump’s national security adviser.

Paul Manafort, took a leave of absence from the campaign amid scrutiny over his dealings with Russia.

I thought maybe Trump removed Bannon from the National Security Council because he was a slob, anti-semetic, misogynistic, racist, or just a repulsive person.  However now I understand that this move by Trump comes immediately after “President Trump and this White House have come under scrutiny and criticism in some corners in recent days for elevating chief strategist Steve Bannon to the Principals Committee of the NSC and demoting the director of national intelligence as well as the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.”

Perhaps Trump will blame Bannon in the days ahead for wiretapping the Oval Office,

Image result for trump wiretap funny

for  Kellyanne Conway’s appearance,

Image result for trump syria bannon

for Track Palin’s ptsd,

for the failure of the Secret Service to stop the fence jumper,

Image result for whitehouse fence

and for the chemical weapon attack in Syria.


Image result for trump bannon funny


8 thoughts on “Bannon OUT as Member of National Security Council

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  1. Americans can breathe a collective sigh of relief! The nuclear launch codes are back in Trump’s tiny hands — right where they belong. D’ya hear that, Pyongyang?

    What will Bannon do now? He’ll probably join a right wing think tank or foundation. Something with “freedom” or “liberty” or “heritage” or “family” or “white” or “storm” in its title. But first, he’ll need an extreme head-to-toe makeover. Perhaps Melania can recommend some of her fashion designers, jewelers, hair and makeup artists, and plastic surgeons. And he looks like he might have some personal hygiene issues needing attention.


  2. Former Texas Guv and energy secretary Rick Perry is in for Bannon. OT it seems like GoSuck has a plagiarizing problem to explain. On a brighter note for Drumpf. in 1951 Julius and Ethel Rosenberg got the death penalty for messing with Russia. How fitting.


  3. Has anyone done a projection of when Trump will run out of people? It’s obvious he just likes to use what he sees as unattractive, less intelligent appointees. Now his whimsy style of managing has the revolving appointee door going full speed. He only has a finite number of faithful followers. I’m thinking 18-24 months and all we have is Ivanka and Kushner filling all the cabinet posts.


  4. The 45 goals of Russia to take down America. Read this online. It sure sound familiar. The international communist republican party all over the world doing this where they can.


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