Trump Grabs Women Where It Hurts!

In case any woman convinced herself that the pussy-grabber in chief would not be a bad president for women, she now knows better.  Trump has signed an executive order that rolls back hard-fought victories for women in the workplace.

On March 27, Trump revoked the 2014 Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces order President Obama signed to ensure that companies with federal contracts comply with 14 labor and civil rights laws. The Fair Pay order was enacted AFTER a 2010 Government Accountability Office investigation showed that companies with rampant violations were being awarded millions in federal contracts.  Let me repeat!  The order of President Obama only addressed disparate pay in companies with contracts with the Federal Government.  By reversing the order, Trump is inviting employers who deal with the US Government to discriminate against women!  It’s a blatant way to grab women where it hurts, and remain unaccountable.

In an attempt to keep the worst violators from receiving taxpayer dollars, the Fair Pay order included two rules that impacted women workers: paycheck transparency and a ban on forced arbitration clauses for sexual harassment, sexual assault or discrimination claims.

By overturning the Fair Pay order, Trump made it possible for businesses with federal contracts to continue forcing sexual harassment cases like Gretchen Carlson’s into secret proceedings — where the public, and other employees, may never find out about rampant sex discrimination claims at a company.

After the Fox News sexual harassment problem came to light, Carlson testified before Congress about forced arbitration — and Senators Richard Blumenthal, Dick Durbin and Al Franken wrote to major arbitration companies to ask for information on the amount of secret arbitration proceedings involving sexual harassment and discrimination.

Trump overturning the Fair Pay order sends women’s rights in the workplace back “to a time best left to ‘Mad Men.'”  “These coverup clauses render people voiceless — forcing them to suffer in silence, suppressing justice, and allowing others to fall victim in the future.” “At a time when the fight for equal pay continues, Trump also moved to eliminate paycheck transparency and leave workers to negotiate in the dark.”

The other result of Trump’s executive order on federal contractors was lifting a mandate on paycheck transparency, or requiring employers to detail earnings, pay scales, salaries, and other details. The Fair Pay order Trump overturned was one of the only ways to ensure companies were paying women workers equally to their male colleagues.

According to the Economic Policy Institute’s 2016 analysis of federal labor statistics, the median wage for U.S. women is about 16.8 percent less than the median for men — with women making about 83 cents to a man’s dollar. According to economist Elise Gould, that’s a gap that only increases as women become more educated and climb the corporate ladder.

In the famous video of Trump saying he grabbed women by the pussy, he also said, “I did try to fuck her”.  It appears he has now successfully fucked women across the country!

4 thoughts on “Trump Grabs Women Where It Hurts!

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  1. Racism disguised as a presidency.

    The republican party has waited 8 years to erase any evidence that a black man was ever in office.


    1. It’s barely worth mentioning at this point that Betsy DeVos is 13th in line to be president, right behind Rick Perry.


  2. We need an Amendment to eliminate men from any female related legislation, rulings, and policy. My biggest gripe is the choice issue on abortion. I never had a baby, but I was present for two births. The pregnancy and births showed me that I have absolutely no concept of what a woman deals with.
    Right now we have the equivalent of auto mechanics dictating how surgeons should treat a kidney stone.


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