John Oliver’s Update on Stupid Watergate

5 thoughts on “John Oliver’s Update on Stupid Watergate

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  1. The problem for you is, Sarah is a good mom. 4/5 kids have no problems and they’ve survived pretty significant slander. Track had no problems and he too has survived bullying and slander. He’s also the most private and private people need to have their privacy respected. I know he’s never heard the paternity lies but how do you think that would make him feel? Or the non-public family if they heard them?

    WHY can’t liberals see how sociopathic liberals are when they abuse the Palins? We’ve victimized this family. We need to accept that. Sarah will always be a great mom, cries with all her kids get their licenses as moms do, cries when her kids get asked to prom, as moms do. We don’t know her and there are SOO many lies about her. Are we jealous she had the great, Alaskan life many would die for? That she has a good family?


  2. Why does the color of the dress worn on The Ivankashians’ Wikipedia page looks like she added Easter egg dye and an actual loaf of shit during the spin cycle?


    1. Eliz,
      …and that is relevant how??? He’s not making money off a foundation that is advertising the importance of staying drug free or the “situation” that drug addicts find themselves in.


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