At Least Melania Wasn’t Naked for Her White House Portrait


It’s official.  This is the portrait of Melania Trump that will be hung in the White House.  Kudos to Melania for finding time to pose for the photo.  Between being a mom to Barron in New York, and traveling to Mar-a-lago for weekends with the Donald, it must have been really hard to work in a White House photo shoot.

I was worried that she might not have time for a new photo, and simply use one from her portfolio.  This one wouldn’t be right, as she had on sunglasses.

This one would be all wrong because there might be confusion about which was the first lady.

Environmentalists would object to this one due to the fur in the background.

The NRA was hoping this one would be chosen, but there’s those darn sun glasses again.

The White House Chief of Staff objected to this one as it wasn’t shot in the First Bedroom.

Melania liked this one, but you couldn’t see her ring!

The photo chosen by Melania is offensive for at least two reasons.  The first is the focus on the diamond ring she is wearing.  Obviously she intended the ring to be a focus, as the photo could have cut out her hands completely.  So, how big is that diamond?  Vanity Fair reports that it is a 25 carat diamond ring!  Remember when Trump explained in his victory speech that he would be President for ALL Americans?

Certainly the First Lady wearing a 25 carat diamond ring doesn’t give the impression that she is “one of us”.

The second problem with the portrait is that it’s been photo-shopped to such an extent that it appears that Melania is about 25 years old. Her skin is perfect.  She has no signs of age.  Compare her White House portrait with these that reveal a more accurate image of Melania.



Melania TrumpImage result for melania trump age

Finally, compare this picture of Melania with the portraits of other recent first ladies.  Their portraits convey distinction and respect for the White House.


Image result for first lady portraits in white house

Image result for first lady portraits in white house

Image result for first lady portraits in white house

Image result for first lady portraits in white house

Image result for first lady portraits in white house

Image result for hillary clinton first lady portraits in white house

Melania’s portrait screams of the ostentatious of Donald and Melania Trump.  Melania and her ring convey the image of “things” bought and paid for by Donald Trump.  Trump works hard to convey the impression that he is to be admired due to his wealth, and the things he can buy.  The portrait of Melania reinforces that image.



13 thoughts on “At Least Melania Wasn’t Naked for Her White House Portrait

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  1. Melanoma is certainly nekkid under her clothes, or at least that would be my best guess. If Barron spends his day in school and she is not there to hold his hand, she probably doesn’t cook or clean, what could she do all day?

    The two classiest first ladies imho have been Rosalyn Carter and Michelle Obama. Drumpf’s dame is the kind of fluff old white guys expect to find doing wardrobe malfunctions on Fake Noize.


      1. Drumpftoria’s Secrets maybe? I hear they inhabit different bedrooms (when they sleep in the same hovel) so she could sleep starkers and it wouldn’t do Drumpfy any good. Not that it is any of my business, nor does it bother me in the least. Speaking for myself, I do not find her attractive at all.


  2. Rosalyn has the cutest portrait of them all. Damm! They build them right in South Georgia. Although, Laura’s dress in kinda cool. It looks retro.


  3. Am I the only one who thinks Maleria naked has the body of a 12 year old boy? No feminine curves, just straight up and down. How many facelifts has she had, to make her eyes so slanted, I wonder?


  4. Good one, Malia! Yeah, Moron-ania had her portrait done immediately, not knowing how long her husband would be in office! LOL I can hardly believe she is still living in NY costing taxpayers millions of dollars! What a crock!


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