Sarah Palin Has “Washed Her Hands” of Track, Her Small-r Republican

Radar Online reports today on an interview they conducted with Matthew Loewe, the father of Jordan Loewe.  Jordan is the unwed mother of Track’s second child. She’s the one who had to hide under the bed for fear that Track would beat her up, even though she was pregnant at the time with his child.

Evidently Jordan’s father has had enough.  He described Track this way:

“He’s hot-headed, he’s out of control and he has anger issues!” .

“He’s thrown stuff at Jordan, thrown rocks at Jordan — he’s even thrown stuff at her when she was holding their baby!”

“Track hates [his father] Todd,” “Jordan and Track had an argument one night that it got so out of control she called… and they both came over.

“He threatened to beat up his dad, saying, ‘Come on old man, you’re full of metal now.‘”

Sarah and Todd have “washed their hands” of Track.  “Before Jordan got pregnant, Todd told her, ‘I’d run if I were you.”   Now that the baby has been born Sarah and Todd have cut all ties with Track.


It’s hard not to remember Sarah’s words from America by Heart in her chapter giving advice on Raising Small-r Republicans.  Here are some of the more memorable quotes of Sarah Palin, the woman who held herself out as the “Mama Grizzley” who considered her family her “true north.”(pg 91)

“They make all the bad stuff worth it and all the good stuff twice as good.  I can’t imagine what I would do without them.”(pg 91)

“In our house, we pitch in and help each other out….it’s a family goal.  If it’s important to one of us it’s important to all of us.  And if it challenges one of us, it gets support from all of us.”(pg 94)

“The Palin family is no different from others.  We’ve had our challenges, but we’ve tackled them head-on , together, and we’ve ended up stronger for it.”(pg 95)

“As a matter of fact, if you discount the screaming headlines and lurid magazine covers, ours has been a typical American family story.”(Pg 99)

“April 20, 1989, was the day I had my first child, Track, and I truly believe my life began that day.”(pg 101)

“Our families lay the finger of God on our foreheads….When you’re a parent…you have an investment in the world-a child-and you want to make sure that the world is a safe,welcoming, and prosperous place for her.” (pg 107)

“”After all, the damage done to the American family by widespread divorce and children without fathers …” (pg 114)

“…Labor Depa;rtment official, issued a famous report warning of the impact on African Americans from the rise of out-of-wedlock births.  …”the richest inheritance any child can have is a stable, loving, disciplined family life,…” (pg 116)

“…families matter and fathers do matter.”(pg 117)

“…the rate of violent crime is much more strongly correlated with family disorganization than it is with race.”(pg 119)

“Our families embody our hopes and dreams.  …Today the fight for my family’s future is the fight for all American families’ futures.”(pg 125)

It is tragic when any person turns to a life of drugs and/or alcohol.  It’s tragic when any mother has to protect her child from his/her father.  It’s tragic when a mother has to get a Judge involved to protect herself and her child from the violent behavior of the father.  However the greatest tragedy is when the mother of this violent man pretends to be a loving and committed mother.  It is tragic when Sarah Palin condemns other families that have problems, like those of her family, and pretends that they are caused by political affiliation and/race.


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  1. It’s bound to happen when you’re raised in a household where your MOM – SARAH yells cusses & throws canned goods at the refrigerator when she gets pissed at Todd if he didn’t pimp enough in a day to make more money…sarah does COKE on a drum..and SPEED on a regular basis is why you don’t see her anymore..she has to DRINK to do the speed…none of her daughters are married. Oh wait she finally snagged one. They sleep around with multiple men calling it ABSTINENCE so they can have their Christian cake and eat it too…they have no morals–very cheap trampy girls like their mom. Men use them because they know they can. They’re cheap tramps. Like their mother sarah who slept with Todd’s friend and Track is probably Todd’s friend’s son…but anyway…kids usually replicate their parents. He has a pimp dad who beat up prostitutes and a tramp drug using cussing mother. Pretty hard to grow up a decent young man or lady in that environment. They are the epitome of everything they condemn in the AA RACE. The palins are so low they are worse than any race bum or criminal. Pathetically awful family. Glad she’s not in the news anymore. Now get rid of trump!


    1. Let’s not be crass or lie. Let’s be above your fictional commentary. They’re a good family. Who is still friends with his exes.


    1. Sounds more chemical/psych related and something a person isn’t capable of controlling on their own. The tell for me is that his siblings are healthy and they have good parents who gave their a good, stable life. This is also the one who hates attention and started feeling negatives effects at the start of receiving more and more attention. It could be a psych problem that began germinating during the last few years. He had a stable high school relationship with someone he traveled with, who has known his family and him since childhood. Adult onset?

      Prayers to the afflicted. Judgment is never needed. Tough love MAY work. Good parents.


  2. My money is on him possibly being borderline PD. 4/5 kids have zero issues and they all had a lovely childhood and good parents. Prayers. It’s hard but he does resemble in personality my friend’s brother, diagnosed last year. Tough love might work if it’s not BPD but the fact that 4 kids are healthy and happy and both parents are good and healthy point to an imbalance. May people respect them as we respect biden and others as they deal with their own family issues.


  3. “As a matter of fact, if you discount the screaming headlines and lurid magazine covers, ours has been a typical American family story.”(Pg 99)

    I remember all the times my folks called the cops and got charges against me dismissed for my transgressions. Just like every other family, right? Not exactly. If my folks got wind of my or any of my siblings run ins we usually got taken straight to the bathroom and had corporal punishment administered with either a leather belt or a willow switch depending on if it was summer or winter.

    Palin’s have brought this on themselves. And the police didn’t appear to stand in their way at all. That whole damn family needs prompt interventions and need to spend the rest of eternity safely locked away from the public in an institute for the criminally insane.


  4. Sarah and Todd, you two are phenomenal. You instill work ethic well, you raise classy girls who love and live with integrity and ignore naysayers and detractors. I offer prayers to you as you deal with the possibility of a psychiatric illness with your son. You did everything correctly, gave kids a good, loving home and made them work for things they want, while providing life’s necessities. Many people would have faltered under such awful degenerates in the media over the years. You’ve all handled unwanted fame well. Maybe try to research some of these other famous people who have a single child with some issues. All families have this. Biden’s son was, for the most part, allowed privacy as were many. I am sorry people enjoy attacking and lying about you and laying false blame about strangers.

    Prayers from Chicago


  5. There is no doubt that this entire family have hurdles. There are no excuses for the behavior nor hatefulness. I feel bad for them in the sense that the parents created this turmoil and unsettled affairs. This hurts children, grandchildren, society and all involved. No family is perfect. It would be nice to hear and see that there is at least an attempt to calm the troubles and that healthcare is available for all of them. May they focus and find calm asap.


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