Samantha Bee Focuses on Trumpcare

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  1. The Atlanta Falcons analogy was great. The issue is repeal vs. Repeal & Replace. We want Repeal & forget. If 29M people and 14M people or what ever the number is don’t have insurance the issue is not insurance coverage. The issue is that they don”t have income to buy their own insurance. This is not my team vs your team. Health care equals death camps.


    1. Cyber Gouge,
      I disagree!!! I used to have health insurance, and went with nationalizedhealth care. If they do away with nationalized health care, I am out of luck as I have a pre-existing condition, so I could never get insurance.


  2. Why don’t women start their own businesses and hire only women. Then their are no issues. Everyone wants a piece of the white man’s pie. We should embrace the separate but equal doctrine. These behavior rules are important but they have gone to far. We need to realize women are better than men at somethings, but in others things they are not. Equality is an abstraction.


  3. Yet again, Cyber Gouge posts as a representative of the alt-right: “Health care equals death camps.” “We should embrace the separate but equal doctrine.”


  4. When I was finally eligible for Medicare, there was a HUGE change in my medical expenses. with Blue Cross my 1040 deduction for medical expenses ran $15,000-20,000. And that’s with no major surgeries or health problems. Now I am down to about $7,000 – 8,000, mainly for dental work I delayed until I went on Medicare. Government single payer works best. Take the private insurers and collection attorneys out of the right to health.


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