Only Sarah Palin, a Heartless Witch, Would Criticize a Donation to Meals On Wheels

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Sarah Palin recently criticized  Colin Kaepernick for “another political stunt” when he made a $50,000 charitable contribution to Meals on Wheels.  Of course Palin would be outraged at the thought of providing food for hungry.

“Millions of seniors nationwide are struggling with hunger, isolation and the ability to pay for basic living needs. …”

The number of seniors in our country will grow exponentially over the coming years. Meals on Wheels is a proven public-private partnership that effectively addresses the challenges of aging by promoting health and improving quality of life for our nation’s most vulnerable seniors. By leveraging the existing Meals on Wheels network,” …tax payers save …”billions in tax dollars by keeping them ( seniors) out of more costly healthcare alternatives.”

In Alaska alone,  over 20% of seniors live in, or near poverty. Over 8 million dollars, that support the 10 million dollar program in Alaska,  are charitable donations.  Federal tax dollars, that previously supported the program accounted for less than one-forth of the budget in Alaska.  That was BEFORE the proposed cuts by Donald Trump.  Thus Palin is objecting to a charitable donation by a Christian trying to provide food for hungry.  What could possibly be more “Christian” that feeding the hungry?

Perhaps Palin herself should engage in this type of “political stunt”.  It was just yesterday that Palin was suggesting that God wants his disciples to carry guns.

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God must have been playing another April Fools on Matthew when he said:

” For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in,36 I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’  

 “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

Imagine the absurdity of Sarah promoting the starvation of the poor, and complaining when someone other than the government tries to help.  Imagine shooting the starving people when they complain that they are hungry!


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  1. Not all witches are bad but Miss heath is really a very bad evil witch. Not sure why or how but she is. The woman goes out of her way to be mean and hateful.

    On another note. Because mr trump goes out of his way to tell the miners he is putting them back to work, I did some checking. Since I own property in a potential cancer cluster and have developed cancer along with husband and pets. I came across an interesting tidbit. A corporation called Freeport McMoran is a global mining corporation and on the board are 8 members. Ceo and this and that. Turns out one is on the board of MD Anderson/Banner Healthcare in Houston too. Humana is my health insurance this year and insisted that I go there for treatment. I found it odd how they were herding me there even though is over a 100 miles from my home. They are the specialist is was said to me. And they probably are considering they know why many of the patients developed cancer in the first place due to contaminated soil from the mining. I hope that I have enough fight and time to expose mr trump and his mining buddies silent majority.
    Mr Asshole trump can put these miners back to work cleaning up the contaminated soil and water supply across this country and globe due to mining tailings and the cause of cancer and disease. It is no wonder mr asshole trump wants to defund EPA, regulations, lawsuits related and harm innocent victims due to mining.


  2. I don’t think they had gun powder in the days of Jesus. If my memory is correct, it was Marco Polo who brought gunpowder to the west, but this was many years after Jesus.

    If we get the Federal government out of the way maybe we can stop hunger. What great way for someone to cut their teeth as an entrepreneur. It’s a good bullet for the resume. Not to mention the great feeling on gets in helping a neighbor.


  3. Thank you Malia. Between this and politics I am struggling alittle. But I am somewhat strong, spirited and stand up for myself, at least for now. This area has been conducting soil sampling for 2 yrs. I was not aware of it until recently. Both my pets have developed tumors, my husband too and then me on routine check up. I have no symptoms. It is so odd ? I was so surprised when checking out the mining corporation issue in my area and then the board members of the mining corp. and then connections to MD Anderson/Banner cancer center.
    This information also pertains to another issue within my family which even makes it more bizarre. I would like to believe this is just part of life but it really smells of something else. I have been very politically vocal for many years for President Obama and even more so against trump because I was already researching him for other reasons 2 yrs ago or longer. The more I learned the worst it was and then the Russian rigged election!!! Oh my goodness.


  4. Palin has no cultural values or intellect to fall back on. She is very prone to fragmented power words and phrases that are meant to be used to instill fear.
    God, the Constitution, the flag, brown people dominance, Christian heritage, immigration, climate control, and over- regulation.
    Oh, and toss in freedom!

    She may be emboldened now with the deplorables in power, but what happens when Todd’s Russian drug and sex trafficking comes to light? Or many of her past ghosts come to haunt her in the future.

    She does have enemies who may be a hell of a lot more powerful than her connections.


  5. Malia, Did you verify that last photo? Looks like Steven Tyler of Aerosmith (my apologies, Steven).

    Cans of food most of us donate to the needy is stored in a Palin’s shag bag. There she has quick access when she starts throwing stuff.


  6. Today’s News Recap:
    1. On the good side, no nuclear bombs have exploded, so far.
    2. On the crappy side, Palin – known for her seared-into-the-molecules-defiance and commitment to her grade school myth of the world – hasn’t been locked up.


  7. Yes and with all the disasters around the globe, trump responds to one, today in Russia, a terrorist attack and trump called putin and offer all the help needed from the united states of America. What a good friend to putin the election rigger. Trump went out of his way to throw shit back at us all day long.Cant wait till he is forced to resign in embarrassment along with his cult cabinet from 666 park avenue. NY.


  8. I thought those little witches in San Diego, California casting spells on trump the other day was cute. They did that a few months ago to. Quite a feisty bunch down there, they gathered on the beach and spelled out RESIST in February.


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