Ever Forget? It Happened to Ron White and Donald Trump

It happened to Ron White.  He forgot.  Ever happen to you?  He was drunk in a bar when it happened to him.

It happened to Donald Trump.  He forgot.  He was supposed to sign an executive order when he forgot to sign the executive order.  Trump gave a speech about the executive order that he was about to sign, and then walked out of the room.  People were watching.  The press was filming.  Mike Pence was there to remind him, and tried to get the order signed before he left the room.  However Trump obviously had someplace else to be.

Since it is April Fools Day, there is much speculation about why the Donald didn’t stay to sign the order.  The ideas that seem most likely are:

  1.  The pen they were using for the signing was too big for his little fingers.

2.  His KFC was getting cold.

3.  The Constable was waiting to serve him with the latest legal papers from another defamation suit where another woman alleged he groped her and Trump said she was lying.

4.  He was getting a make-over.

5.  He was going to be late for his tee time.

Donald Trump – Celebrity Style

6.  He was rushing to keep the press from seeing what Kellyanne Conway was wearing.

Image result for kellyanne conway

7.  He was missing his favorite show on television.

8.  Trump had an appointment with his favorite painter to do his presidential portrait.

9.  He was late for his bi-monthly colonoscopy.

10.  Trump was desperate to take his next-dose of his anti-depressant.

11.  His Depends were full.

12.  He was anxious to try McDonalds’ new Grand Mac.

  Image result for mcdonalds grand mac

13.  He was late for his morning ride with Putin.

14.  He was late for his appointment with the Presidential Hair Stylist.

15.  Somebody told Trump he was being considered for a Nobel Peace Prize.


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