Daily Devotional from Sarah Palin: God Wants You to Carry a Gun! NOT April Fools!

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On this 1st day of April you might be suspicious that anything you read today is a joke.  None of us want to be the brunt of a joke.  So, if I reported that Sarah Palin used her Daily Devotional to explain that Jesus wanted us to carry guns, you might think I was fooling you.  You’d be wrong.


That’s exactly what Grandma Sarah said.  Sarah wrote in Sweet Freedom Daily Devotional that she and God wanted people to carry guns.  She said:

“I encourage people to carry a gun…because a cop is too heavy.”


Sarah explained that :

“Jesus told His disciples to be ready to defend themselves. He wanted them armed in case they had to beat back thieves, cutthroats, and other bad guys. They didn’t hide their swords; they were, you might say, practitioners of open carry!

Jesus wasn’t delicate, vulnerable, or timid. My husband, Todd, often points out that all those much later artistic depictions of Jesus with long shiny hair, flowing robes, and flip-flops give exactly the wrong impression. Jesus is Lord. He is King. He is a warrior and our protector. He is God Almighty. He is our fortress, our refuge, our strength. He withstood the devil. He triumphed over death. His Word is victory.

Sweet Freedom in Action
Today, remember that God always wants what is best for us – and that includes our safety. We should follow the example of His disciples and be ready to defend ourselves and our loved ones from evil.”

Some people might be wondering about Matthew 5:38-40

38 “You have heard that it was said, ‘Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth.’[a]39 But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also. 40 And if anyone wants to sue you and take your shirt, hand over your coat as well.


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Maybe God was just saying that as an April Fool’s joke.  Thank heavens Sarah Pain can set us straight.  Thank God, she and God are straight shooters.

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14 thoughts on “Daily Devotional from Sarah Palin: God Wants You to Carry a Gun! NOT April Fools!

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  1. Flip flops weren’t around 6000 years ago. Jesus creeper sandals didn’t make that flip floppy sound either. But then I don’t pretend to be a bible scholar.


  2. Oh My Gosh, What on earth did that woman say? Was that a threat? or just more stupid sarah salad. Good gosh is she completely nuts? what is she talking about? Why is that crazy woman making stuff up in the name of some type of fake religion she calls devotional. Like trump she has lost it and insanity has completely consumed her. The world is becoming smaller and smaller and she can see Russia from her tiny room up stairs. and trump can see hell as the elevator goes down.


  3. Sarah is still the most militantly stupid human I know,,,and still grifting. I saw where bristol has worked herself into another grift job pretending to use products she can encourage others to use and get paid for it. omg….lololol shameless


  4. Sounds like grandma went from meth to huffing Rust-Oleum. Look for Sarah’s version of turning the other cheek in her sex manual.


  5. Her foundation from the start is that of a false belief in separateness from God, and as a result, a life lived in ignorance, on the attack defending her illusion. Her attack on the “other” – on the “bad” – is to preserve her very identity, everything that she believes is real and true.

    Jesus’ final words were that those who killed him did not know what they were doing. The whole point in Jesus’ very life is for us to wake up to the truth that there is no separateness, that we are all divine. To wake up from the illusion of separateness, from the dream. When we attack or kill a life, we are attacking God – we “don’t know what we are doing”, as Jesus said as he hung from the nails.

    Sarah – like fundamentalism itself – misses this lesson entirely. And it’s no small lesson, it’s the point of life itself. No wonder we have these religious wars.

    How difficult it can be to walk into the unknown toward truth. It’s a Hero’s Journey that we all must walk alone.


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