Why Did Trump Meet Condoleezza Rice?

It’s no secret that Condoleezza Rice is not a fan of Donald Trump.  She failed to even attend the Republican Convention in 2016 when Trump was predicted to be nominated.


  • Rice criticized Trump before the 2016 election.
  • Rice called on Trump to withdraw from the presidential race a month before he was elected after the “pussy-grabbing” tape.  She said:  “Enough! Donald Trump should not be President. He should withdraw,” Rice wrote on Facebook on October 8. “As a Republican, I hope to support someone who has the dignity and stature to run for the highest office in the greatest democracy on earth.”
  • Trump disparaged Rice’s foreign policy experience, even though she was Secretary of State under Bush.


Rice met with Mike Pence and Trump in the Oval Office today.  It is unclear what they talked about.  This was their first publicly known meeting.  It is unclear what the subject of the meeting was.  In the past Trump and Rice have disagreed about the Iraq war.  Trump has repeatedly lodged criticism on the campaign trail of the Iraq War and the neoconservative thinking that mired the US in the trillion-dollar war.  Rice, who at the time of the invasion was Bush’s national security adviser, was a chief architect and proponent of the Iraq War, arguing mistakenly that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.
Trump, during his campaign for president, repeatedly falsely claimed that he opposed the Iraq War from the outset, even in spite of support for the invasion before it was launched.  Initially Trump praised the war, before becoming a critic months later.
Trump repeatedly slammed Bush and his top officials for pushing the US into the Iraq War, arguing it was based on lies.
But now as president, Trump finds himself saddled with the US military presence in Iraq, which has now turned into a campaign against the terrorist group ISIS. More than 5,000 US troops are currently stationed in Iraq, largely to conduct special operations missions and advise Iraqi forces fighting ISIS on the front lines.
It is unclear why Trump met with Rice, but we can be sure it wasn’t to ask for her advice.  Perhaps there will be another announcement of a person leaving the Trump administration, and the Donald is desperate to find a replacement.
Perhaps KimJon Un has threatened nuclear war and Trump was consulting Rice about whether nuclear war would really be as bad as everyone says.

Perhaps Trump heard on Fox News that  the United States leads the world in military spending at $610 billion, marking 34 percent of the world total, SIPRI found.  Maybe Trump was astonished to learn that U.S. expenditures were nearly three times higher than China, the second-highest nation with an estimated $216 billion in military spending. Russia was in third place at $84.5 billion.  Trump couldn’t believe the news when he heard that the US spends more on military than the next 8 countries.  America previously spent $610 billion, surpassing the total spending of the next top 7 countries, including China and Russia.  Maybe Trump thought Rice could explain this to him?

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Perhaps Trump hadn’t spoken to an African American since he took office, and Trump simply wanted to appear to STILL have a great relationship with “THE BLACKS.”

3 thoughts on “Why Did Trump Meet Condoleezza Rice?

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  1. I wouldn’t call Rice a black person. I would call her a globalist. She is hooked in with the one world government guys.

    On military spending, I agree totally. The US Constitution provides for a standing Navy. It does not provide for a standing Army and Air Force. I would start right there.

    Cutting the funding for Nato by 50% was a good idea too.


  2. dr. Rice is one of the world’s leading experts on the Middle East. The GOP had two people who could easily beat anything the Democrats came up with. Dr. Rice and Gen. Colin Powell are exactly what the country needs to get us out of the worldwide military quagmire. But you know the GOP, better to bring in a circus than a Black person or a woman.
    Now the clowns are sending Ringmaster pence to beg for help, figuring out Iraq.


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