Sarah Palin: The Enemy of My Friend is My Friend

Palin is notoriously fickle.  She originally supported Ted Cruz.  When he ran against Trump, Palin turned on him and endorsed Trump. Schwarzenegger has made fun of Palin in the past.  So it seems that if Palin were to praise somebody it would NOT be Schwarzenegger.  Yet, now that Trump’s popularity has fallen to an all time low, Palin has turned on him to favor his adversary, Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Sarah must have seen the article that indicates people who have been fired by Trump gain popularity.  Of course Sarah was never chosen by Trump for a cabinet position, so she can’t be fired by Trump.  Perhaps she just thought people would forget that she never worked for Trump, or that we might forget she endorsed Trump.

We haven’t forgotten.  She did endorse Trump.  She quit her job as Governor.  She closed her PAC when donations dried up.   She turned on Ted Cruz.  She’s now turned on Trump.  She sent Trig to live with his mother.  She is never seen with Todd.  She never comments about Track or his repeated bouts with domestic violence.  Bristol is expecting her 6th grandchild, five of whom were conceived out of wedlock.  We haven’t forgotten who Sarah Palin is.  She’s just not worth writing about much any more.


6 thoughts on “Sarah Palin: The Enemy of My Friend is My Friend

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  1. Sara really is a disgusting human, woman, mother and granny. Her lack of compassion of human suffering. Her lack of decency and intelligence. Her lack of character and self respect. Her lack of morals and worth. Her lack of honesty and ethics. Her lack of backbone and guts. This makes her a breathing spineless, ugly speck of dung on earth. Trump and miss heathen go together like flies on floating shit in the swamp.


  2. (: Im so sick and tired of these toxic people Malia ! 🙂 When will the Courts stop them? Why are they so evil, hateful and mean bullies? What is wrong with them? Mental illness or a need for an exorcism?


  3. She apparently now shits in fields because toilets are unable to flush her massive loads of crap anymore.


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