Jimmy Kimmel is Astonished at Trump’s Remarks: “I’m President and You’re Not!”

“‘I’m president, and you’re not.’ I mean, who says that?”

Between a record-low approval rating, a dead-on-arrival health care bill, and his own FBI director testifying against him, it’s safe to say Donald Trump is having a rough week. Jimmy Kimmel is all too eager to remind him.

“Yesterday, [Trump] gave an interview and said he’s right about everything, his instincts are always right,” the late night host observed Thursday. “He told the reporter who was interviewing him, he said, ‘I think I’m doing okay because I’m president and you’re not.'”


8 thoughts on “Jimmy Kimmel is Astonished at Trump’s Remarks: “I’m President and You’re Not!”

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  1. I was reading an article yesterday titled “Who owns the west” and it goes on, Dodge Phelps Mining Company owns the west. Are they buddies with trump? probably. Trump defends mining corporations. There are many many areas of cancer clusters surrounding these mining areas. Trump calls the west fly over areas. The mining tailings contaminate our air, soil, water. Trump wants to dissolve EPA. BLM and dismantle healthcare which now covers cancer patients for life. Trump wants to limit medical lawsuits. I smell trump in this corporation and cause of death associated with mining areas. The entire west is owned by this corporation, and this includes texas, Arizona, California, New mexico, Utah, Colorado, Washington, Oregon etc. Remember the bundy fiasco? The beginning of trump and his hate fest on BLM? Remember the many odd events and behavior about BLM lands, threats about opening up for mining? And trump defending it. That SOB and POS con job must resign and confess in a court of law his nasty dirty liar motives and agenda of killing innocent citizens of this country. What can we do to stop them Malia?


    1. Hi Malia,
      I’m not sure they can be stopped! I make donations to the ACLU which is fighting his attacks on Constitutional rights. We might consider making donations to environmental groups who have influence and can send lobbyist to meet with SEnators and Representatives.


      1. Goodness yes I have donated to ACLU, Greenpeace, Environmental groups, and several more. Their lawyers are working very hard. I believe trump can be stopped with patience and the eager legal eagles, we cannot stop for one second exposing them and demanding truth. The Journalist are now working hard too. It is too bad they did not 2 yrs ago. And it is shameful that this man trump has gotten away with so much crime and bad business for his entire life. He is the worst example for our young people to witness. The damage for this asshole is beyond imagination. His family is as bad as he. His buddies too.


      2. HI,
        I am equally appalled, and it makes me also very sad that more people didn’t start paying attention two years ago. Perhaps that is an indication that we should do away with the electoral college, so more people would feel like their vote matters.


  2. So is Mel Brooks is now a president instead of a king?

    I see a new movie and play coming from Mr. Brooks, based on a Nazi inspired fool of a president. Brooks loves to take shots at Hitler and his followers. The gay Hitler is “Producers” was priceless. Let’s see what Mel can do with Trump.


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