Mar-a-Lago Act- Another Gut Punch to Trump!

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It was just a few days ago that I reported on the “gut punch” to Trump. Now, the Democrats in both the Senate and House are hitting Trump where he lives, the “Winter White House.”  The “gut check” comes in the form of a new proposed bill introduces in both the Senate and House.    The “Making Access Records Available to Lead American Government Openness Act” — or MAR-A-LAGO Act — would require the Trump administration to disclose the names of anyone who visits the White House or “any other location at which the President or the Vice President regularly conducts official business.”

The legislation, introduced in the House and Senate on Friday, calls for the creation of a publicly available database to be updated every 90 days.  Even Donald Trump must realize that the acronym for the bill is an obvious dig at the president.

Democrats say the move is necessary after a page featuring visitor access records has reported that “this page is being updated” since Trump’s inauguration.  In addition, they want the public to know who has been visiting Mar-a-Lago because Trump conducts presidential business there, at a cost to taxpayers of $3 Million Dollars per weekend.




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Perhaps the next bill the Democrats will introduce will be the “Make Every Law Abiding New Yorker Instantly Accountable” Act, otherwise known as the  MELANIA ACT, which requires the First Lady to live in the White House, or reimburse tax payers for cost of providing security at a separate location from the President.

5 thoughts on “Mar-a-Lago Act- Another Gut Punch to Trump!

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  1. Hey Trump! Going to win?
    You said we are going to be so tired of winning. You like that word.

    We like gut punch.
    You are going to be so tired of gut punching.
    And when that fat front of yours deflates, we are going to sucker punch your orange suited fat ass on the way out.

    The gloves are off.

    (I am normally not a violent person. But nothing is normal at this point.)

    Now back to the regularly scheduled programming.
    Which is, calling every congressional member possible with a civil discourse on why we are concerned about issues.


  2. The party that claims to be reducing the size of government adds two more compounds at taxpayer expense. We had the same baloney with the other vacation president in Crawford Texas. Slacker Presidents and their stay at home wives need to pay for their own security. We get charged around $50,000 round trip, just for jet fuel to the Florida resort. How many Meals on Wheels does that cover?


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