Painchipeater Reports “Sarah is Ready to Run”

In keeping with the reporting of alternative facts, Painchipeater reports Sarah is ready to run. .. and he wasn’t talking about rock running.

Here is his complete comment:

“After I received my honorable discharge from being a private in the salvation Army, I used to baby sit this guy. He was a nice guy who hated everybody equally, he had no prdjudices at all. These were great times where an illiterate man could express himself to all who would not listen.

The times we are in are better. An illiterate man only has to have cable news and can let fox sort it out. Its the time to delegate thoughts to people who care about getting paid by special interests.

Think about it. Who wants to go hunt down a chick, date her and get married. Think of all the problems. You could get a million felonies trying to pull that off. Why not just sign up for “married at first sight” this way you can subcontract thoughts and actions to others. Plus you get on tv and may get a gig on dancing with the stars.

Speaking of stars why is everyone bitching about Trump.

Why not bitch about the guy on “house of card” or any other jackass playing the role of president. Trump is acting as presidential as any actor I have seen since the Manchurian candidate.

Sarah Palin (R-Buffoon):: Obstructionist Republican Clown

Speaking of candidates, Sarah is ready to run. She is really getting prepared. She has a new jogging suit and wig.

She is powerwashing her teeth and reading the dictionary, the one without pictures. Trump is letting her take credit for the trumpcare debacle. later this afternoon.

Trump is excited to see her run. He said it will be like letting a huge elk free at a texas hunting zoo. I can’t wait to see her resurrect her carreer.

Well I got to get back to watering down the oxycotin supply for trumpcare. He syas if people pay more and get less they will be less addicted. Plus if they cant afford it they can jump off a bridge and not need healthcare. Trump is investing in infrasture of bridges. The lemmings who voted for him may trample the bridges trying to be the first off the island.

Well back to paying off congressman for their vote.”

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