Archie Bunker and Donald Trump Agree on How to Make America Great Again!

What a sad commentary on life in America, when the President of the United States and Archie Bunker agree on how to Make America Great Again!

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  1. how did this country mysteriously come up with a Trillion dollars to bail out banks and the automotive industry, but sees healthcare as not so necessary in comparison.
    GOP – Money Before People


    1. Jamie Dimon said chase bank didn’t want the bailout money, but they Federal government made him take it, because it was for the good of the country. 😉

      Health care only works if the Fed Coats put the gun barrel to our heads and make us buy it. That is why I am pro choice. Given the freedom to choose Federal health care fails everytime. It is a tax by another name.


      1. Cybergouge,
        So would you let a person with an urgent health problem lay in the ER and die just because they didn’t have insurance. For example, suppose a childhas an allergic reaction. A simple shot of an epipen would save his life, but his family doesn’t have insurance. So sad. Too bad?


  2. After I received my honorable discharge from being a private in the salvation Army, I used to baby sit this guy. He was a nice guy who hated everybody equally, he had no prdjudices at all. These were great times where an illiterate man could express himself to all who would not listen.

    The times we are in are better. An illiterate man only has to have cable news and can let fox sort it out. Its the time to delegate thoughts to people who care about getting paid by special interests.

    Think about it. Who wants to go hunt down a chick, date her and get married. Think of all the problems. You could get a million felonies trying to pull that off. Why not just sign up for “married at first sight” this way you can subcontract thoughts and actions to others. Plus you get on tv and may get a gig on dancing with the stars.

    Speaking of stars why is everyone bitching about Trump. Why not bitch about the guy on “house of card” or any other jackass playing the role of president. Trump is acting as presidential as any actor I have seen since the Manchurian candidate.

    Speaking of candidates, Sarah is ready to run. She is really getting prepared. She has a new jogging suit and wig. She is powerwashing her teeth and reading the dictionary, the one without pictures. Trump is letting her take credit for the trumpcare debacle. later this afternoon.

    Trump is excited to see her run. He said it will be like letting a huge elk free at a texas hunting zoo. I can’t wait to see her resurrect her carreer.

    Well I got to get back to watering down the oxycotin supply for trumpcare. He syas if people pay more and get less they will be less addicted. Plus if they cant afford it they can jump off a bridge and not need healthcare. Trump is investing in infrasture of bridges. The lemmings who voted for him may trample the bridges trying to be the first off the island.

    Well back to paying off congressman for their vote.


  3. America was truly great during the life and times of Archie Bunker! He was a proud carryover from the John Birch era, with distinct overtones of Jim Crow and white supremacy. It was a time when genteel, God-fearing white folks lived in Mayberry and got the respect they deserved from the “others.” A time when “Muslim” only applied to Muhammad Ali, together with some unruly Black folks wearing military fatigues and berets, and making threatening fist salutes. Also, a time when “Muslim” meant a kind of cotton fabric used for making underwear. It was a time when America was the greatest nation on earth, and was able to handily win the war in Viet Nam by bombing the Commies back into the Stone Age. America was so great that it didn’t even need to use nukes for defoliation.

    Even then, American started showing signs of weakness by adopting socialistic civil rights laws and Medicare. America did her best to turn the tide, but the conspiracy had started and it was already too little and too late.

    Fast forward about 10 years. Nixon the patriot was forced to resign, thanks in large part to the un-American enemies on his list. He did so with the hope that America would move forward (backward) in its awesome greatness. Then came Gerald Ford, who to this day is thought by many bright people to be the greatest president ever. Historians aren’t sure about how it happened, but Jimmy Carter seized power and plunged the country into an abyss of weakness and indecision. Carter’s successor, Ronald Reagan (who is now universally considered to be the gold standard for Republican presidents) sneered at the “others,” but managed to take a nap every afternoon.

    A near-dynasty began with George H.W. Bush. If he hadn’t been wrongfully upended by that serial philanderer, William Jefferson Clinton, he might still be president. Then came the Dubya-Cheney administration. Proud, patriotic Americans wrapped themselves in their flags and beat their chests in pride when Dubya ordered the invasion of Iraq to neutralize the WMDs and take down Sadaam. Afghanistan followed. Dubya surrendered, and was wrongfully forced to pull out Iraq during the waning years of his Administration. Afghanistan still rages in one form or another.

    Obama adopted a real “mess,” in the astute words of his successor. As a total wuss, Obama worked for a socialistic financial bailout of businesses that maybe shouldn’t have been bailed out. He signed into law the socialistic and un-American Obamacare, but lackadaisically failed to rally Congress to adopt the Affordable Care Act. He weakly and irresolutely took out Bin Laden, which was no big deal according to Fox News. On occasion, he traveled to Hawaii or Martha’s Vineyard, and played that wussy game called golf. The final showing of his weakness occurred last January, when he voluntarily vacated the White House without a fight. Still, he hangs around DC and talks trash at out Lord and Savior, Donald J. Trump. America still isn’t great, by any sense of the imagination.

    President Trump is showing all signs of being the greatest president ever, after securing a total and complete Muslim ban (which will keep us all safe and sound), and signing TrumpCare into law. He’s already halfway through with building the wall. A very, very strong leader surrounded by the bestest and brightest cabinet members, flatterers, and nincompoops. Things can only get better, and America has already turned the corner to become great again. When the time is right, Trump will hold a press conference and declare the exact date, time, and manner when that greatness occurred. Stay tuned.


    Note: This alt fact, but completely historical account, has been approved for broadcasting on Fox News. Also for teaching in the Texas public schools.


  4. So far, Trump has been about as effective as Archie in fixing the real problems in America. If Trump was really a New York street smart hustler, he would follow their mantra, Money talks, bullshit walks.


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