Secret Service Screws Up Again! Alternative Facts-Fence Jumper Activities for 16 Minutes

The Secret Service did it again!  This time the fence jumper at the White House had 16 minutes on the premises before being arrested.It’s not clear what he was doing on the grounds of the White House during that time.  There is an absence of reporting about why he jumped the fence, or what he was doing before being arrested.

Image result for funny guests white house

Perhaps there will be some “Fake News” or alternative facts, to identify who he really was.

  1.  He was a photographer trying to get another nude picture of Melania.

2.He was a news reporter trying to prove that Steve Bannon has swastikas on the walls of his office.

3.  He was a employee of President Obama,putting more wiretaps in the White House.

4.  He was a messenger delivering a message from Meryl Streep to the Donald.

5. He was a delivery man for Uber Eats bringing the President his dinner.

6.  He was a  Secret Service agent, late to work, again, trying to disguise when he arrived for work.

7.  He was a lawnmower man hired to mow the White House lawn, who forgot his pass,

8.  He was Trump’s hairdresser, trying to remain anonymous.

9.  He was the mysterious lover of Kellyanne Conway, and embarrassed for anyone to know that he was interested.

10.  He was a golf instructor for Trump who didn’t want anyone to know he had worked with Trump on his swing.

11. The man was really Donald Trump himself, returning from finger enhancement surgery.

12.  The fence jumper was really a Donald Trump impersonator who forgot to wear his  orange-face.

13.  He was Donald Trump himself, returning from his appointment with the plastic surgeon, and didn’t want anyone to know he had used a plastic surgeon.

14.  He was a Donald Trump impersonator who forgot and wore a regular length tie.

Image result for trump long tie  Image result for trump long tieImage result for trump long tie

15. It was  Donald Trump himself, covered in cat hair.

Image result for trump pussy

16.  It was a Mexican trying to evade arrest for rape.

17.  It was a disabled reporter who couldn’t make it in the White House as Trump had all the ramps removed.

18.  It was Sarah Palin visiting the White House the only way she could get in.

19.  It was Vladimir Putin coming to the White House for a late night ride with his buddy.

20.  It was Todd Palin bringing entertainment for President Trump.

9 thoughts on “Secret Service Screws Up Again! Alternative Facts-Fence Jumper Activities for 16 Minutes

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  1. The corruption in the SS is evidence that Federal health care is a bad idea. The Federal Heath system will be no different maybe worst.


  2. Malia, this was yet another instance of a dysfunctional Secret Service in massive disarray. Next month “We Know All About You: The Story Of Surveillance In Britain and America” by Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones will be released. The book cites the nexus between USSS and criminal enterprise Beckett Brown International (BBI). That crooked outfit, also cited in last year’s National Bestseller “Dark Money” by Jane Mayer, was hatched and launched INSIDE the Secret Service Financial Crimes Division by Regional Supervisor Paul Rakowski just before he retired. BBI committed a slew of big-time racketeering and corporate espionage crimes, and a number of BBI successor companies owned and operated by the very same criminals are out there today. Despite a ginormous cover-up orchestrated by Baltimore law firm Semmes, Bowen & Semmes, parts of this scandal are finally being exposed in the media. The courts have thus far been totally bamboozled and duped. See “Baltimore Lawyer Threw Own Client’s Case To Protect Bank-Robbing Banker From Scrutiny” a/k/a “The Price of Shining Light On the Dark World of Corporate Espionage” by Christian Stork. Stay tuned…


  3. Ha!
    I hope the Secret Service smokes pot on its breaks and remains in constant touch with the CIA.
    That way they will never catch the intruder who left one dozen dead black roses.


  4. NO money left to secure the fake president and his Russian operatives. Maybe that guy with the raven on his shoulder could take over security of the alternative pos fake prez for now. Meanwhile there is no phone service to agencies to complain and ivanka moved into her room in the white house to help daddy out.


  5. Malia – What does it say about the SS if they missed someone on the WH grounds for 16 minutes? Jeez what a bunch of bumbling idiots! Sixteen minutes is a long time not to be seen or heard. Where were the dogs and why didn’t they pick up the intruder’s scent or movements? What was the SS doing during those 16 minutes? Trump will probably fire all of them and hire his own “security”! Speaking of the SS, how much did it cost them to guard the Trump family last weekend? The 3 adult children of Trump spent the weekend skiing with their families in Aspen, Co, while their father, Melania, and Barron spent the weekend in Mar-A-Lago, Florida, along with Melania’s mother and father. It is costing a fortune to guard the WH, Trump Tower, Mar-A-Lago, and all of the Trumps and their extended family!
    And, now, this week, of all weeks, Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, was given her own office in the WH. She is not a government employee and she won’t be paid a salary. She won’t have a supervisor and the SS won’t be shadowing her because she will have access to everything and everyone – with no accountability! She was given a government-issued phone and computer along with a security clearance. For what purpose? Maybe she was given the office in the WH to find the “leaks” so she was given a job as an informant, reporting back to Trump about what she observes and hears!


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