The Treachery of Trump is Unrivaled in American History

USA Today did an in-depth analysis of the treachery that has come to define Donald Trump.  It wasn’t just one or two incidents of people Trump screwed, …it was thousands!  Trump portrays himself as a savior of the working class who will “protect your job.” In fact Trump has been involved in more than 3,500 lawsuits over the past three decades.  Many of these involve ordinary Americans that Trump took advantage of and simply reneged on his promise to pay them.  If there were 3500 separate lawsuits, there were probably ten times that many instances of people Trump stole from and refused to pay who didn’t have the ability or stomach for a protracted and expensive lawsuit.

Donald Trump often portrays himself as a savior of the working class who will “protect your job.” During the campaign he said he’d be the greatest jobs President God Ever Created.

“Treacherous” is the only way to describe a person who promises to create jobs, but who turn around and fails to pay the people who have done their job.

CNN reports that Kraig Moss was such a Trump supporter that he sold all the equipment for his construction business, and stopped making mortgage payments so he could follow Trump on the campaign trail.

The amateur country crooner sang pro-Trump ditties while strumming a guitar emblazoned with Trump campaign stickers, earning him the moniker “Trump Troubadour.”
International media dubbed him “the voice of unheard America.”
But now, Moss refuses to play the guitar with the Trump decorations. He’s soured on the President because of the newly proposed Republican health care bill.
That legislation, which the president supports, could result in dramatic cuts in addiction treatment services.
Three years ago, Moss found his son, dead at age 24 from a heroin overdose.
“The bill is an absolute betrayal of what Trump represented on the campaign trail,” he said. “I feel betrayed.”

In Pennsylvania, troubles lead some to drugs, others to Trump

What is different about Moss, from other Trump supporters who are now realizing that they should have never believed Trump, is that Trump made his pledge to Moss, personally.
Last year, at a campaign rally in Iowa, Trump reached out and spoke directly to Moss about his son’s death.
“In all fairness to your son, it’s a tough thing. Some very, very strong people have not been able to get off (heroin),” Trump called out to Moss in the crowd. “The biggest thing we can do in honor of your son … we have to be able to stop it.”
When Moss became emotional, Trump doubled down on his emotional appeal.
“I know what you went through. And he’s a great father. I can see it. And your son is proud of you. Your son is proud of you,…I’ll bet he was a great boy.”


“We will help all of those people so seriously addicted. We’ll get them assistance,” he told the crowd at a campaign event in New Hampshire in October.  In a particularly “orange moment” he address his plan to confront this epidemic head on:
Moss believed Trump.
I truly believe from the heart that (Trump) is going to do everything he can. He’s going to create treatment centers for the kids,” Moss said.
The Republican plan being proposed to repeal and replace Obamacare would eliminate the requirement that addiction services and mental health treatment be covered under Medicaid in the 31 states that expanded the health care program.
“This bill would devastate efforts to address the opioid crisis,” said Dr. Joshua Sharfstein, at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. “There’s no question this legislation in the House of Representatives would cost American lives.”
At a CNN town hall event last week, Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price was asked about the bill’s provisions for opioid treatment.
He responded that state governors had “wonderful ideas about how to address it” but that they felt “hamstrung by the federal government.”
“There are wonderful ways if we keep the focus on the patient — not the government, but on the patient,” he said.
Moss looks back on his days on the campaign trail, on how he sold his trucks to finance the trip, how he sang his heart out and went from restaurant to restaurant to hand out “Donald Trump for President” CDs.

Kraig Moss, once dubbed "Trump Troubadour," now feels betrayed by the candidate over the proposed health care bill.

Moss, like many Americans, now feels betrayed by the pledges made by Trump.
What Trump did before he was elected, screwing average Americans, he now does from the Oval office.  By his deceit, Americans are injured directly and indirectly.  Not only are we disappointed that Trump has clearly engaged in a pattern of lies and deceit, but he is now contributing to the problem of a lack of integrity in our elected officials.  Some voters were willing to overlook Trump’s obvious contempt for the disabled, women, minorities, and the press.  They believed that Trump would be a different kind of politician.
He is different because he’s worse!
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  1. Yep. And good old texas tillerson now says he did not want the job but his wife told him to do it. This swamp is full of turds floating around. When will Law enforcement and military drain the swamp and file impeachment and criminal charges? The Republican Party have really out did themselves. They built this and own that. And sold America to the Devil. “Taking America Back” has big meaning now.


  2. If there were ever a time for “Team 6” to remove dictators from the planet it is now. Bin was bushes deal that President Obama cleaned up. Now team 6 have putin, trump and chumps to clean up too.


  3. I watch :Sunday Morning Show” CBS, channel 5 every sunday faithfully and have for over 20+ years. Last sunday a segment on IT jobs. People from India on visas were trained by the long term employees of this IT corporation. After training the new hires from India they all lost their long term jobs one by one. Another job creation by trump,


  4. Start a non profit and ya”ll pool “your” money together and pay for drug addict rehab. Show us how much compassion and love you have for this man and his son a nd give “your” money to them.:)

    Lastly, We need new leadership in the Democratic party. The current paradigm is not working.


    1. Cybergouge,
      Even if,…and especially if you thinks government funds shouldn’t be used to pay for rehab, then surely you understand why it was so evil for Trump to use this man and pretend he would help him if he got elected and immediately after the election it is clear that he never intended to help him!


      1. You have point if that is the case. However, our choice was Clinton and the Federal Mandate or Trump and remove the Federal Mandate. Or, we could have went with Gary Johnson but he smokes marijuana. When you put your health information into the Federal data base they will send it all over the world. It will not be private in any shape or form. You might as well take pictures of yourself naked and put em on a billboard.


      2. Cybergouge,
        If Trump wanted to simply repeal Obamacare, that would not be surprising. I disagree, but anticipated that this might happen if Trump were elected. The amazing thing is that he promised to do that which he isn’t and obviously knew at the time he was using people who believed his message.


  5. Having read the article about Kraig Moss and his example of current government was “hiring a plumber, paying him good money and discovering after he left that the job wasn’t done.” This is why he felt Trump would be different than other politicians.

    Maybe he has discovered that Trump doesn’t pay contractors. Maybe he will do some research before he starts warbling his fat head off again.

    I think that Kraig got not only shafted for a Trump plumbing experience, but some plumber guy took a big dump while he was not fixing things.

    How right you are! Trump is different ….he is worse. It is almost as bad as having freaky Palin in the WH. What is it with orange skinned ‘dyed by their own hands’ terrorists with thin resumes getting elected for telling lies and creating fear?


  6. Malia –

    Did you watch Rachel last night? One particular piece she did concerned Russia’s influence on the election – shocking!!


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