John Oliver on the Heroin Crisis, and Trump’s Response

2 thoughts on “John Oliver on the Heroin Crisis, and Trump’s Response

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  1. That was really good
    However, heroin has increased on the streets because of the medical legalization of marijuana. El Marco went from growing canibis to poppies. The Mexican cartel’s have flooded the streets with heroin. This has resulted in the heroin epidemic.

    Again it shows that Federal health care is a windfall for big pharma. The Paul Ryan care Heath bill will be weighed in favor of big Pharma.


  2. GOP could care less about the opioid problem. Have to ignore it so the focus doesn’t go back to the Rx dealers and big pharma.
    I’ve been fighting with CVS Caremark prescription insurance for a couple years over their 90 day supply policy. CVS Caremark requires a 90 script for controlled substances. a lot of doctors only write 30 day scripts on street drugs, and CVS refuses to cover them. We have kids getting a stash of 180 – 270 Adderall and Ritalin pills every 90 days. fixed income seniors get a 90 day stash of street drugs for sore joints. Kid wants an iPhone or gramps needs to pay the water bill, and a bag of CVS supplied drugs hit the streets.
    I’ve complained to my House and Senate reps and the DEA, and no response, no sense of alarm.


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