Foreign Leaders Call Bullshit on Trump’s Delusions

Donald Trump claimed that President Obama wasn’t born in the United States.    The state of Hawaii produced a birth certificate to prove that Trump was lying or simply delusional.  That was an issue that touched the United States exclusively.  At least with that allegation we didn’t involved other countries.  Now that Trump is President, he seems to be willing to involve foreign governments in his paranoid delusions and unfounded accusations.  First he asserted that President Obama had his office at Trump Tower wiretapped.

The chairman of the House committee investigating President Trump’s still unproven accusation said that he has seen “no evidence” supporting the claim.

“We don’t have any evidence that that took place,” House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.).

“In fact, I don’t believe just in the last week of time, the people we’ve talked to, I don’t think there was an actual tap of Trump Tower,” Nunes said

Are you going to take the tweets literally? If you are, then clearly the President was wrong,” he added, echoing a message earlier this week from White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, who said Trump “doesn’t really think” that Obama “tapped his phone personally.”

Kellyanne Conway explained that microwaves turn into cameras, and have been used for spying.

Later, after taking a lot of flack for the microwave comment, Conway explained that she is NOT inspector gadget, and thus she doesn’t think microwaves were used to spy on Trump.

Whew!  What a relief to know that Trump is safe from Microwaves!

Sane people would hope that the Trump advisers would try to move on and stop talking about the claim regarding wiretapping by Obama. However nobody has ever accused the Trump advisers of being sane.  Sean Spicer expanded the allegations to claim the the British Intelligence agency, the GCHQ helped Obama wiretap Trump.  Once again Spicer failed to provide any evidence to substantiate this claim.

THE White House’s outrageous claim that British spooks may have wiretapped Donald Trump’s phones at the request of then-President Barack Obama has been dismissed as “nonsense” by GCHQ.  Imagine the President of the United States alleging that our strongest ally was involved in an operation to spy on the President of the United States on behalf of another President of the United States.  Imagine the outrage of the GCHQ having to deny these alternative facts.!


 Trump also offended the German chancellor, Merkel, by suggesting that she and he had both had their phones tapped.  Merkel had her phone tapped.  Trump had not.  Merkel was not amused.
The top Republicans and Democrats on the House and Senate Intelligence panels have said there is no evidence that Trump or aides were under surveillance.

Peer to peer: Merkel's first meeting with Trump

The fact is that Trump lies.  When caught in a lie, he blames it on the corrupt media.  It was hard to counter that allegation, when it was the media reporting on why Trump was lying.  However, now that Trump has started making allegations against foreign governments, it is harder for Trump create the impression that he is telling the truth.
When Trump lied on the campaign trail, people attributed his untruthfulness to salesmanship and puffing.  Now that he is President, word do matter.  If he tells a lie about a foreign government, that government will take offense.  The consequences may be dire.  Once credibility of the American President is lost, it may be impossible to regain the respect we once had.

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  1. Some are calling Tapper’s strong closing an Edward R. Murrow moment. Others are not.
    I think it was.
    Edward R. Murrow fought McCarthyism by freaking talking and it was damned successful.
    We need more of that dynamic straight-up journalism.


  2. OT
    I am so sorry Malia, but this just needs to be read by everyone who is interested in assuring Trump’s ouster.

    Louise Mensch is an important former British Parliament member who now lives in New York and works for News Corp. She has been instrumental in getting the written word out on the Trump and Russian players plus the connections of his entire coterie. She wrote of and interpreted the famous British “peeing” dossier before it was finally legitimized by the media and members of Congress.

    This article yesterday in the NYT is a must read for understanding the House Russian investigative hearings. I have spent countless hours researching most of the players in her questioning scenario so I understand what explosive questions she is bringing to light. However, I urge everyone to familiarize themselves with the names mentioned in this article. It is absolutely crucial to our democracy to bring this blatant corruption to the people. Feinstein and Grassley didn’t have those traumatized looks on their faces the other day after their security briefing for glamour shots with the press. Those faces were sheer mortification. Something really ‘shock and awe’ was explained to them.

    Also: Be sure to read her article on playing chess with Putin which is on her blog. Fascinating with a very clear overview of the greatest spy thriller never imagined!

    If nothing else, what will be coming out must strengthen our resolve to keep phoning our legislators and letting them know (respectfully) that they are either majorly deluded, or that they are doing great…like my Amy Klobucher and Al Franken!

    We need to get these treasonous criminals out of power before they start a nuclear war and wreck the rest of our democracy. If we don’t, look for a militarization of our police and militia to quell civil unrest because it will be happening if the majority do not want to go to war. With no health insurance for millions, no Meals on Wheels for old people and no school breakfast for poor kids ad nausea um, plus Exxon getting tax breaks; expect some discontent. Bigly.

    Especially if we are waiting to be stir fried by North Korea in the interim.

    (scurrying off to find old Ativan RX…..)


  3. Liar liar pants on fire! All the President’s lie except for, maybe, Democratic president Jimmy Carter. The mother’s raise the right down in Georgia.


  4. BREAKING NEWS! TRUMP DECLARES THERE’S A CONSPIRACY TO CORRUPT HIS PRECIOUS BODILY FLUIDS! A vile, foul conspiracy indeed. He’s held this belief for a long time, so it’s true. Breitbart bought in, so it’s double true. And he tweeted the claim at 3 a.m. for further factual confirmation. Conspirators include Obama, Hillary, Bill Nye, Planned Parenthood, Big Bird, The Illuminati, The International Jewish Banking Conspiracy, The Reptilian Brotherhood, and The Pope. There are others — many, many others — too numerous to mention at this time (whose names are stored in The Donald’s massive brain and will be tweeted at the appropriate time). Kellyanne will be on Fox & Friends tomorrow morning, talking into a microwave camera, and providing all details and deflections the American people need at this time. Spicey might be able to provide some useful obfuscation, but who knows? Or cares?

    The question is: where is the “red line” that Trump has to cross before it’s time for an intervention and commitment?
    Look backward, because the line was crossed a long, long time ago.


  5. Trump is such a disgrace to the world. I cant hardly wait till “Breaking News” Trump resigns effective immediately and faces charges of treason and espionage along with his entire family and staff. It is beyond outrageous that this SOB is still using our buildings, air force one and running up a huge bill that he will not payback to Americans.
    Rachael Maddow is laying the ground work. But The hacking and attacking began long before the election. It began slowly since about 2010, tea party scam. The international Republican Party in several countries are a group of communist and elites.
    Over at immoral minority gryphen claims he has been reporting about a cult named “7 mountains” I believe they are the same as scientology folks. I visit there often and do not recall a article about this. Regardless this group is as dangerous as tea party, AIP, Russia, scientology, mobs, cults, and everything in between.


  6. Malia–it’s called Seven Mountains Dominionism. They believe they must make sure evangelical Christianism dominates in these areas: religion, family, education, government, media, arts and entertainment, and business. I’m thinking Ted Cruz (and probably, Pence) is a Seven Mountain Dominionist.


  7. Whenever we have had something like this eating up all of our attention, there has been a bigger issue playing out in the background. False flags have become standard operating procedure for the real power behind various political and business hustles. Trump and his minions are part of a hustle. They are the hand the magician tells you to watch while the other hand pulls off the illusion.
    It seems that the Trump movement is a test to see how dumb the country has become and what level of dishonesty politicians and big business can use on Americans. We are the world’s trailer park, a bunch of backwoods, uneducated hicks.


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