Sarah Palin is “All In,” Promoting War With North Korea!

 Palin seems to be oblivious to the instability of both the mental and physical health of the supreme leader, Kim Jong Un.  Why would any American advocate war with North Korea?  We take comfort in the fact that most countries in the world that possess nuclear weapons realize the devastating effects of a nuclear war with anyone.  However of all the countries that have nuclear weapons, North Korea seems to be the most unpredictable, the most dangerous, and the most threatening in terms of being unapologetic for its nuclear proliferation.
The fact that Sarah Palin, Rex Tillerson, and Donald Trump don’t appreciate the danger of a nuclear war instigated by North Korea is frightening!  The threat of war is real.  The US and South Korean armies have been engaged in intense drills close to Kim’s border ahead of potential conflict.  While South Korea and America insist that the drills will not lead to conflict, Kim Jong Un has called the drills a “rehearsal for invasion”.
Most countries may have leaders that are insightful enough to recognize the bombastic nature of Trump.  However it appears North Korean Leader, Kim Jong-Un, is unbalanced enough to react to the unbalanced Donald Trump. OMG!

13 thoughts on “Sarah Palin is “All In,” Promoting War With North Korea!

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  1. More pap from Wasilla’s foremost clueless ninny. She cares not a whit about the devastating consequences to millions of a war with that regime. It is all about ‘look at me, me, me, me, me … send money’ with that charlatan.


  2. Yes, Sarah has now confessed and is empowered by the Seven Mountains Cult according to Immoral Minority. She went to preachin’ school (: She preaches word salad devotional for the “smart people”


  3. Malia – Leave it to the Wasilla loon to say something stupid like this She just blurts or writes anything never taking into consideration the consequences of what she says. Sarah apparently doesn’t realize Kim Jong Un is as crazy as Trump!

    P.S. You “dolled” up your blog. I like it!


    1. sharon,
      Glad you liked the new format. I originally intended to write until Palin was no longer relevant, but now I feel compelled to carry on and write about Trump, so I needed to redesign the site to take the focus away fromPalin. Thanks for sticking with me.


  4. So, who’s gonna tell Palin or or show her a map? If Korea can get to 4,000 miles on a launch, Alaska is KJ’s first target.
    Odds are Alaska is a primary target for terrorists and foreign countries now. Trump fired up the HAARP antenna system to use it as a weapon.


  5. Is it wrong to suggest the Prudhoe Bay oil location for the first target?
    Ya’ know like honoring the First D*d* or something?

    Great name for Bristol’s new addition.
    Prudhoe Janice Louisa May Palin Meyer.
    Or Glowey, for short.

    My Trump anxiety is still raging……….


  6. Bristol – ever the opportunist – would probably worm her way into a free ride by strapping herself to the ICBM as a pussy-starved orange exceptionalist enters nuke codes.
    Sarah – go f*ck off you ignorant hateful war monger. Not fake news – you ARE a hateful war monger. go make some candied pecans and make sure to hit the vein, it’s Saturday night.


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