Who’s Surprised? 14 MILLION Uninsured by 2018

A Monday report from the Congressional Budget Office estimated some 14 million more people would be uninsured under the House GOP’s proposed American Health Care Act by 2018 than under current law — an analysis causing disturbance among Senate Republicans and Democrats.

Remember Trump said, “I’m going to take care of everyone…much better than there taken care of now,…nobody will be uninsured…the government is going to pay for it, and we’re going to save so much money…people are going to be able to negotiate great plans with lots of competition…they can have their plans, they can have their doctors, they can have everything…” ”

Now that he’s President, Trump says “nobody knew that health care was so complicated.”

9 thoughts on “Who’s Surprised? 14 MILLION Uninsured by 2018

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  1. There are 325 million people in the USA. of that 125M are full time employees. Only 4 ℅ would be uninsured. A very small amount. The majority of Democrats make up the 125M of hard working Americans who do not want to contribute additional funds from thier limited resources so a drug dealers clients get free insurance. Please remove the government and bring back competitive markets sands the government.

    …Have some compassion for the 125 million people who don’t have the extra money to pay for some else s insurance…


    1. Cybergouge,
      The problem nobody is talking about is that the government still pays for the health care because the uninsured go to the county hospital when they are sick. For example women don’t get mammograms, so they get cancer and then they get treated for the cancer at county hospitals. Patients lose. The government loses too.


  2. Now it’s the GOP with the Death Panels. Those with insurance will face the budget cuts designed to kill Americans. And cutting out Meals on Wheels?! That is a new low in politics.


  3. Trump voters don’t care. They choose Loyalty rather than Devotion. It’s back to the same blindness. Trump could make healthcare illegal and his Loyal base wouldn’t even care – they are martyred to the tribe to the death – it’s safe in the tribe, as you don’t have to think or even “try” at all, it’s lazy mcdonalds-eating ignorance. Such godless blindness.


    1. Von,
      It’s frightening to me that his supporters seem to be unconcerned with anything he does as President. It’s like he could be shooting them, and they’d still think he was making America great again!


  4. It is time for socialized medicine in America. All usa citizens must be have healthcare. Insurance is the problem. Everyone must have the same healthcare. Allowing private insurance to dictate and interfere in care is criminal. It is time for socialized medicine in America.


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