Gridlock and Vacations Characterize the New GOP Congress

For the last 8 years we watched the Republican members of Congress blame Democrats for the dysfunction of our government.  Democrats blamed the GOP for obstructionism. Back in November the Washington Post explained that :

The key to success for a Trump presidency is for the Reaganite and populist elements in the party to be willing to advance each other’s goals even at the cost of ideological purity. This will require far-reaching negotiations between a Trump White House and a GOP Congress. The Republicans have gained control of all the political branches. They have the means to deliver. They now have to show that they can.”

Multiple news sources have compared Trump’s multiple golf outings

Donald Trump – Celebrity Style

to those of Obama and Bush.  Obama was president for four months before he took time off for golf.  Bush waited more than 5 months.  Trump made it two weeks.

However consider the message being sent by the GOP majority in Congress.  It seems they are taking their lead from President Trump.  Since Congress convened 57 days ago,  the Republican majorities in the House and Senate, according to FOX News have failed to:

  1. Pass any Major Legislation.
  2. Conduct a hearing to confirm the President’s nomination for SCOTUS.
  3. Confirm 4 of President Trump’s Cabinet Picks.
  4. Confirm of dozens of appointees that are critical to running the government.

The Senate has taken 22 vacation days already this year.  They plan to take more time off in March, and they are scheduled to only work 10 days in April.



It was predictable that Trump and the Republican Congress could not accomplish the things they claimed they would do if elected.  Yet it seems they would have at least pretended to be trying to solve some of the critical problems facing the country, instead of taking vacations at tax payer expense.

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      1. You are very kind. He was a fantastic person – my best friend. So happy to have been able to share my life with him.


  1. Thanks for the new layout!

    ps. Has Bristol had any recent work done on her alternative jaw? (aside from the obvious filling it with booze and dicks, that is)


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  2. Drumpf claimed he saved the auto industry from Obama’s assault. Like he promised. That darn Obama assaulted Detroit so much it saved them from bankruptcy?

    I like the new format, as well, I think.


      1. Too many, I’m afraid. It will take a bunch of court orders to get him to shut up and calm down first. 🙂


      2. ps I’m loving the new format now that I have figured out where stuff is located. Good job and thanks a bunch.


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