Trump Voters Hurt by RINO Health Care Proposal

The House plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act would hit one group of voters especially hard: older, rural voters who were crucial to President Donald Trump’s victory in 2016.

The House plan would offer tax credits based on income and age, but the net effect would be a drop in federal subsidies for people who are older, who have a lower income and who live in high-premium areas, according to an analysis from the Kaiser Family Foundation. When you put those elements together, Trump’s voters appear to take the biggest hits.


Older voters were a big part of Trump’s winning 2016 coalition. He won 52 percent of the vote among all voters 45 or older.

A county-level analysis from KFF looked at how the tax credits for various age and income groups in the House plan compared to the subsidies offered by the Affordable Care Act. When you compare those numbers to the 2016 election results, a pattern emerges. Counties that voted for Trump would see a bigger drop in the tax credits designed to make insurance premiums more affordable.

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  1. Malia:
    Just an FYI, with the new graphics layout, it is very very hard to read your posts (at least in Chrome). The donkey covers up about half of each line. (No need to post this, for your info only)


    1. yellowgirlnc,
      I am so sorry! Several people have told me this, and I just didn’t realize it as my screen is clear. I had someone help me with the new lay out so I’ve asked her to fix it. I hope it will be fixed today!


      1. The text disappears under the graphics, rather than ride over it. The videos and pictures ride over top, just not the text. I like the graphics though. But definitely needs an edit somehow.


  2. No citizen in the United States votes for the President. Even the ballots themselves suggest we do. That is not the case, nor has it ever been the case. This needs a fix, where the President is directly voted for, and yes, this means a popular vote. As citizens, we must demand the middle man – the Electoral College – be removed.

    Think about that, people. This is the fundamental flaw with the voting system in America.


  3. This plan should be labeled Coroner Care or the Funeral Director Recovery Act. It looks like class warfare, a plan to wipe out the poor and middle classes by speeding up the death process of ill people and denying care to those who are injured or become ill.


  4. Yes indeed. We will vote by good old fashion numbered paper ballot with traceable receipt and record of your vote. There will never be another lying pussy grabber, Russian fertilizer salesman or rigger KGB bully election in the USA ever again!!! And the international republican party of crooks and liars is repealed effective immediately. Yea for the Aussies.


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