Trump Revealed to be Clueless… a Year Ago!

2 thoughts on “Trump Revealed to be Clueless… a Year Ago!

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  1. Clueless, criminal and clinically diagnosed a narcissist along with a few others. One last attempt to con the world on the way down the elevator to hell. Troubling are those that helped them achieve this criminal act and deceit that are now professionally tarnished and ruined forever.


  2. As a retired DoD employee and former contractor I am enjoying the circus. I’ve watched as new contractors adjusted to the Federal way of doing things, which is customer oriented and efficient. We make changes based on cost benefit analysis (that considers intangibles), how do I give taxpayers then best service for their tax dollar. Corporate mentality is based on shareholders and profit, not the customer.

    Trump thought he could apply private industry methods to an organization that has the opposite focus, customers/taxpayers, and a HUGE variety of “customers.” He’s mired in a swamp, way over his head. He thought he could make a lot of cuts, but now sees how they reduce the quality of life in America and turn his middle and poverty class people against him. He’s stressed, scowling, packing on the pounds, and hiding on the golf course. He should have had his people do a cost benefit analysis before running.


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