Sarah Palin Says People Are Right Who Do the Right Thing!

Sarah Palin, the clown, has emerged from hibernation.  It isn’t clear if she was in a drug induced stupor, if she was hospitalized due to depression resulting from being ignored by Donald Trump, if she knocked herself out while rock-running,

or if she’s been overwhelmed with trying to figure out how to support her family of 10 people with more babies on the way, and Todd still limited in what he brings in after his near fatal injuries.

Sarah has deemed health care as the time to speak out.  She is credited with an article in Breitbart in which she weighs in on Paul Ryan’s proposal to replace Obamacare.  Of course, Sarah is critical of Ryan’s proposal.  Amazingly she seemed to understand the lunacy of criticizing a plan without offering an alternative.  This is what she wrote:

“I would ask Paul Ryan’s forgiveness if I come across sounding like I’m just whining and complaining about a problem without proposing a solution. Like Teddy Roosevelt said, that is the definition of whining. So I want to propose solutions, and I want Paul Ryan to listen to the people who are suggesting that, okay, if government is going to be this involved in our healthcare system and choices, then allow the states to take this over. Get it out of big government’s hands. The most responsive level of government is that which is closest to the people. If you’re not going to allow individuals to have the freedoms and the autonomy and the choices provided in their health care, at least let it be a states’ rights issue. So that’s one.”

Thus Palin’s solution is not a solution at all.  She pretends to have a plan, but her plan is to expect all 50 states to solve a problem our federal government couldn’t solve.  It’s Sarah-Palin-Logic at its best.  She explained that “Some of these public servants are right in saying, ‘Let’s do it right this time’”

It’s illuminating that Sarah’s family has never been responsible for their own health care.  As a child, her family relied upon the national health care system in Canada.  As an adult, Sarah’s family has gotten health care through government health care provided to the native Alaskan population, which they receive as a result of Todd’s heritage.

However the most amazing thing is the Palin demonstrates total ignorance about that which she is talking about.  Sarah Palin said:

“..Ryan’s healthcare bill does not eliminate Obamacare’s individual mandate. It just shifts the mandate—which requires all Americans to purchase a health insurance plan even if they do not want one. Under Obamacare, those who do not comply, pay a tax to the federal government. Under Ryan’s plan, those who not comply, pay a fee to the insurance companies.”

The truth is that the is NO INDIVIDUAL MANDATE, under Ryan’s plan.


The American Medical Association calls the Republican health care proposal critically flawed.  Dr. Andrew Gurman, the president of the AMA, explained:

” The problems that we have with the bill are that it doesn’t comport with some of our basic principles. And those are that people who have insurance shouldn’t lose it and people who don’t have it should get it. When we look at the numbers, particularly with the subsidies going forward for people to purchase insurance, those who have limited means, we just don’t think that those numbers are going to be adequate for people to meaningfully purchase insurance. We know that people who don’t have health insurance live sicker and die younger. And as physicians, we think that we’re obligated to point that out.

The biggest concern that my patients have right now is large deductible. You know, I see somebody who has an income of $20,000 to $30,000 a year, needs surgery to correct something and has a $6,000 or $7,000 deductible. He essentially doesn’t have health insurance. The operation’s going to cost less than that. But those are the kinds of things that my patients are concerned about. They’re concerned that they are still one significant illness away from bankruptcy.”

So who actually benefits from Ryan’s plan?  Wealthy people will enjoy a tax break.  Premiums for a 21 year old would drop by an estimate 20%, but the oldest  patients will pay 5 times as much as younger patients.  The average premium for a 64 year old would jump almost 30% to $13,125.00.

Paul Ryan Sells Health Care Bill As A 'Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity'

Tucker Carlson of Fox confronted Ryan about the realities of his plan:

Harvard Professor explains why Ryan’s new proposal is “terrible”

It is clear that Sarah Palin is talking again.  It is clear that she continues to speak about things she knows nothing about.  It is clear she offers no real solutions.  It is clear that anything she advocates will harm the average American but benefit her family as they are in an upper tax bracket, and the beneficiaries of  government funded health care.

Mike from Iowa sent this cartoon.  Thanks Mike!

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  1. Stupid woman sarah palin now speaks about healthcare. She has worked the emergency room alright, the birth room and the research lab. Trump could make her the bigly giant head for research on Love and Hate. Both use white sheets.


  2. Sarah is said to keep some of the last remaining endangered dinosaurs in her backyard, so she apparently does love animals. They must love the diet of homemade pie and candied pecans. Piper rocks them to sleep while America’s favorite god-speaking witch reads them Russian newspapers.


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