Trump’s Paranoia Persists

It seems the paranoia of President Trump extends beyond the notion that President Obama wiretapped his home.  Sean Spicer give voice to the President’s perception that people are out to get him.

Deep states, as seen in countries like Egypt and Turkey, are “shadowy networks within government bureaucracies [that] undermine and coerce elected governments.”

The New York Times noted on Monday, “President Trump’s allegations that former President Barack Obama tapped his phone and his assertions that the bureaucracy is leaking secrets to discredit him are the latest signs of a White House preoccupation with a ‘deep state’ working to thwart the Trump presidency.”



8 thoughts on “Trump’s Paranoia Persists

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  1. Perhaps Trump is a malignant paranoid narcissist? All of this is extremely unsettling. A nutcase RW troll (‘informed’ by the usual RW propaganda sites) has become the POTUS and he has surrounded himself with a variety of sociopaths.


  2. Well, in one sense he’s right – a significant part of the country wants to “thwart” him from doing anything unconstitutional. For instance my state is about to challenge his Muslim Ban 2.0. The CIA and the FBI are investigating his ties to Russia. (Have you been watching Rachel Maddow’s show and the case she is building for a Tromp who is currently controlled by Russia?). I think he is doing the same thing he did prior to the election – setting his supporters up to respond when he is accused of treason. As Paine said, “These are the times that try men’s souls.” (And women’s souls as well.)


  3. Might I ask what is the deal with the party decals on either side of the screen? They block readable content and are annoying. If they must sty I will find a way to work around them. 🙂


  4. It’s Melania’s fault.

    Her very existence and sole role and job in life as a doting tribal ladder-climbing prostitute mythical mind-blind republican is to serve her man.

    She is failing to supply with sufficient frequency her genitalia for his grabbing.


  5. After moving out of the White House, Obama secretly announced:

    “I hear by declare war on so-called President Trump. I will coordinate operations from my secret underground bunker located in Bowling Green, somewhere in the Deep State. You can find the Deep State on on any 10-dimensional map if you don’t believe me.

    “My first act will be to unfairly tapp Trump’s brain and release the finely tuned results to the failing NY Times. I know he has a yuge brain, and he uses all of the best words. Believe me. OK? I expect to find an unpresidented treasure trove of art, science, culture, philosophy, tolerance, and bad hombres.

    “The Trump supporters out there will be biggly appreciative. But what I’m looking forward to most is a standing ovation from the 1 – 1.5M patriots who attended the inauguration, together with the 3 – 5M illegal voters who didn’t.

    “The element of surprise will be critical. I know Trump has a great nose for this kind of thing, even if it’s not true. I’ll have to ask the White House Huckabee lady for help, since she seems to be inside his bath robe a lot more than Melania. If Huckabee can tell me when Trump takes off his tin foil hat, I can sneak in and take care of the rest.

    “What will happen to Trump? I will proudly appoint him as Ambassador to Vulgaria in my new regime. Or even Sweden.”


  6. Trump and stumps are as guilty as ever documented and possible. These lying asshole con artist continue when the American People demand that they be removed in handcuffs for treason and espionage. And if there are not legal court orders to trace, track, and capture them today than there will be. This church of liars and lousy actors must go to prison for their crimes against America.


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