The Double Life of Bristol Palin Exposed

For over 8 years people have been consumed with the hypocritical and outrageous conduct of Bristol Palin.  Who could forget Bristol telling Oprah that she’d remain a virgin after giving birth to a child out of wedlock?  With Sarah sitting next to her it was as if Sarah were playing the part of the very Christian mother who had been successful in showing her daughter the light.

Then she got pregnant again out of wedlock, and lied about the date of the baby’s birth.

Who could forget the letter Sarah wrote to herself in the voice of God, explaining why Trig would be a blessing.  Sarah and family were so holy that the Holy Spirit talked to Sarah, but  in whispers, so nobody else would hear.   At the same time Sarah should have been having a conversation with the Holy Spirit, her family was involved in a brawl.

Bristol’s attire was revealing.  The puddle in the street gave us a clue about the amount of alcohol she consumed that night.  Her offensive rant revealed what type of character this woman has.

Today, an interesting article appears on the Double Life of Bristol.  It’s interesting not because it tells us anything you haven’t heard before.  It’s interesting because it reminds us of the hypocrisy of Bristol and her family.


“I love my Bristol!” Sarah Palin wrote in her Facebook post. “My straight-shooter is one of the strongest young women you’ll ever meet. I have to say this as a proud mama: right up there with their work ethic and heart for those less fortunate, my kids’ defense of family makes my heart soar!”

8 thoughts on “The Double Life of Bristol Palin Exposed

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  1. Boy oh boy do I ever remember that top picture, Malia. I told my husband, “she’s lactating and bound.” Their story was a lie from the start.


  2. So proud of them all for surviving the despicable left and vicious slander and hateful satire like this. Love how Bristol always takes responsibility, is a charitable person, but doesn’t advertise (neither does Sarah), and doesn’t hide truth. It takes a severely disturbed person to lie about a woman’s daughter’s birth date. They know what they’ve been through with amoral liberals and they know how strong they are, how big their hearts are.

    So Malia, any comment on Levi “I was so proud to vote for McCain despite being 26 and still unregistered” Johnston? Or when he said “The Palins never vacation or take road trips” which was interesting since his pregnant fiancee spent a good portion of summer 08 outside AK on family trips and the whole family goes to the cabin and other AK cities?

    What, no comment on how Levi’s sister was outed as a compulsive liar who sells slanderous articles about Bristol, her family, and tried to end Levi’s marriage?

    Stop defaming the Palins, stop obsessing over things you know nothing about. Stop being manipulative. Get a life.


    1. Gerard Dep,
      You see the problem is that you think Levi and Mercedes are liars. I can’t know, but I sourced my information. I have directly written letters to Sarah, Todd, and their attorneys asking them to deny allegations, and got NO response. I don’t know how to better find the facts than to go to the source and invite a denial.


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