Putting Things in Perspective as Only a Parent Can…


When parents can remain calm in the midst of children turning their house into a total disaster, we can only wish we could all be such calm and understanding parents.


5 thoughts on “Putting Things in Perspective as Only a Parent Can…

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  1. Wow! What an amazing well-composed mom. With my stressful life as a single mom, my only instant reaction is from learning the way how my mom’s parenting reaction when I was a kid. I have to work hard to unlearn what I learned from my strict Asian cultural upbringing which I know it can be toxic like in the book “Tiger Mom”.


    1. Van,
      I have no Asian background, but I certainly could be thought of as a tiger mom! I don’t think I could have ever been so calm as I filed me kids in these situations.


  2. Actually kids and pets are much happier with discipline and structured lifestyles. Trump and stumps obviously had none. They are the children bullies that were never told to stop. And now they attempt to rule the block with bad behavior. I too ran my household like a clean ship. And it is time to clean this mess up. Rachael Maddow is doing a fantastic job exposing this outrageous bunch of brats. She must connect the most important dot to the cult of Scientology, it is the roots of this crime. Tony Ortega, Lisa Remini and several past members are speaking up. They could use some help exposing this cult of liars of putin and trump.
    Scientologist are sneaky like kgb putin. They are hiding in Hollywood aka tom cruise, just like the 40’s 50’s “Red Scare”. They are hiding in known churches such as 7th day Adventist, Calvery, and main stream organized churches that need their money. They hide in fox no news nation. Certain usa agencies and certain communication corporations.
    Draining the swamp is mandatory and necessary to end this crime against Our America today. Do your research everyone and lets clean this mess up today. Wake the Giant up^^^


  3. Wow. I know I would have reminded my kids that they could be two inches shorter.

    And that would have been on a good day.

    My son, who is now a serious corporate comedian, told his sister that “Our parental unit is losing it. Ignore inappropriate behavior.”

    I went to my room.


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