The Netherlands Mocks Donald Trump

10 thoughts on “The Netherlands Mocks Donald Trump

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  1. Outstanding! Totally great! Ridicule is the very best defense against this wanna be Dictator – and it’s so easy. A perfect target. Loving the Netherlands. Thanks Malia!!


  2. Time wise, we are a toddler compared to the older countries of the world. The have knowledge and a sense of history. Now other countries see an “outsider” trying to do government and they are entertained. They know they can mock and satirize the so called leader of the most powerful country in the world.
    The American toddler refuses to listen to wise adults, so the toddler will learn the hard way… the rest of the world watches and laughs.


  3. I took Drumpf to the vet yesterday and had him Twitter neutered, but I see it didn’t work.

    Saw this Netherlands dump on Drumpf a week or so ago. It is still Hillary-ous.


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