Stephen Colbert: Kellyanne Conway is Out!

5 thoughts on “Stephen Colbert: Kellyanne Conway is Out!

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  1. So what the hell was Conway doing sitting on her legs on a couch and taking phone pics of Trump with a group of Black leaders? Had to be the most insulting, trailer park moment on film during a White House meeting. And they say she’s an attorney. Probably got thrown out of court for giving herself a pedicure during a trial.


  2. When I saw this photo of Conway my thought was an unethical, classless party girl being stupid in a very important place. And she is not alone. Trump and “his people” all have the same stench and look. Both bannon and Conway appear like they spent all night doing drugs, drinking or something. They all dress like it too. Business suits and proper professional attire is not in their wardrobe.


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