Donald Trump Wasn’t the Only Boob in Congress!

Melania was in Congress on Tuesday along with the Pussy-Grabber in Chief!


Thanks heavens she wore this conservative black suit.  Thank heavens that she has become more reserved in her attire now that she is the First Lady.  Imagine if she had worn this


…or this


or this into Congress.


10 thoughts on “Donald Trump Wasn’t the Only Boob in Congress!

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  1. I know many women do things they’d rather not due to exigent circumstances; I’d just rather the woman doing this wasn’t making herself a disgrace and then being identified with the position of FLOTUS.

    I really miss Mrs. Obama.


  2. And we thought Palin sexualized herself (she does, that’s her currency).

    If Melania had a cleft palette, would she have been the pussygrabber’s pussy? She’s been nothing but holes for pussygrabber to bang, or some cut-out to dangle from his arm or follow him from 10 feet behind.


  3. Oh yes indeed. Both of the firsty rump women dressed for the nite. Both live to hear how “hot” they are. The theme? right off the runway from local tit show dive for dudes like don’s johns. And the “r’s” were so thrilled. The lack of etiquette and style stands out like a flood light. They clapped in awe.


  4. Malia – Melania’s glittery belted outfit cost $10,000. That’s not including her shoes. Ivanka’s dress was inappropriate and cost a bundle, too. Probably not too many Trump supporters who could afford to pay that much money for those clothes.


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